Friday, February 17, 2017

{lost the plot again}

Seems I've lost my way a bit. Easy to become so obsessed by circumstances that I can't visualize my own life.

Physical therapist here for my mom yesterday. Still concerned about her BP dropping into a new, lower range. Overly occupied (to my thinking) with her blood oxygen levels. He's more of a person who depends on gadgets and not practical solutions. He's all about prescriptions, and I'm all about telling my mom to drink more than 8 oz. (if that) of water a day. She doesn't like it because it has no flavor, but she's ornery about drinking flavored water as well. He asked her yesterday how much water she was drinking and she immediately tells him 2 large glasses. Quick as a wink. I called her out on it, and thankfully she was good-natured about it. Just answer truthfully, Mom.

How do caregivers survive this?

About over a wicked cold virus and another infection hit. 

Need. To. Take. Of. Myself.

Think I'll get out of here for awhile. Oldest daughter is having a day off and I need alone time. IS my birthday. 58. Gasp.