Friday, November 17, 2017


Sometimes I seem to live in a fog. Too much of the time. I almost get comfortable in my depression. It's familiar. Then, not to get too sappy, there will be a glimmer. The Lord most likely, calling me out of it. And truly, if I'm His own, to be cozy with the darkness in my head isn't the way to go.


It's a daily battle, and one where I sometimes fail to call in spiritual reinforcements.
So much for my dramatics, but toting around sadness does make for a harder-than-necessary day.

Acorns smacking the house. Lots and lots of acorns. Have heard that an abundance doesn't indicate a hard winter, but our temperatures have been up and down. Fall seems to be huddling in the background, not forcing its way in. Too chilly to have the windows up for long. I'd call it pre-winter. But what do I know.

Cleaning for company. Trying to get everybody well. Haven't seen wee Hazel in a week since our kids have had sore throats. Nuts. Need me a Hazel fix.

Today. Just today. Read something the other day at a psychology site that if you struggle with regret you're dwelling on the past, but if you're worrying, you're stuck on what happens in the future. Mindfulness puts you in the very present. Smack in front of you.
Beautiful day. Sunny. Right now.

Praying a covering of God's grace over us all.