Monday, September 19, 2016


'my dear, 
we are all made of water.
it's okay to rage, sometimes
it's okay to rest, to recede.'
~sanober khan's A Thousand Flamingoes

Here I am at the close of the day and I did too much.  Tried to get caught up by buying my mom's groceries ahead of time, and got ours as well.  Too much.  My brain gets a bit rattled when I have to think of too many things at one time, juggling my thoughts.  But it's okay.  Tomorrow will be restful.  Schoolwork with the girls,  A delicious dinner in the crock pot (will share the recipe later).  Might make a chocolate dessert, which I rarely do.  Dessert, that is.

Put aside troubling thoughts.  Read my new Victoria magazine---the October issue I've not even 
cracked the cover on.  Gather in the quiet.  Take care of myself.  

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Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

Had to take Youngest to the doctor today over a prolonged upper resp. thing. Then groceries on the way home and I'm whooped! Sure doesn't take much, does it? Frozen pizza for dinner just because I'm too tired to cook. Can't wait to see your recipe! Mua! Love ya!