Friday, September 16, 2016


'All she wanted was for everything to stay quiet, to be quiet.'~Megan Cabot

Today the girls and I had an afternoon of just that...quiet.  I lay down in our always messy bed, got on my phone, realized I still had money on a giftcard I'd been given for housesitting a neighbor's plants, and ordered 3 books.  One is a Molly Wolf called A Place Like Any Other.  She can be edgy, but that's part of her appeal.  She's maybe overly frank at times too, like a couple of folks I know in real life.  Sometimes I like people to fake the frankness and just play nice.  Honesty can be exhausting.  The other two are This I Know: Notes on Unraveling the Heart by Susannah Conway, talking about grief, which I know plenty about.  Like the Good Grief sort.  Life can be so doggone grievous.  Mercy.  And Robert Benson's newest called Punching Holes in the Dark.  I'd buy anything that man wrote, seriously.  I totally adore his writing.  He's the most appealing depressed person.  Gives me hope when life seems too dark.  Just plow ahead.  

Now I'm waiting for the rain.  Moved the sprinkler around last night at dusk before the task got old.  So dry.  The trees have begun dropping leaves, which is way too early.  Had to find a working sprinkler first, though.  The girls said the new one wasn't spinning, but after I looked at the place where you hook up the hose, I saw a tiny little snail shell tucked in the filter of the sprinkler.  Just a bitty thing minding its own business, but keeping the water from going into the hose.  (Probably some sort of spiritual lesson there if I look hard enough.)  Worked it out with my fingernail and screwed the sprinkler to the hose.  And blew in the hose end and then the twirly parts.  Nasty, but voilĂ  anyway.  Worked fine.  But again, not in the mood to go outside every 30 minutes or so to move it.  So here we are today, expecting rain and since it's been a couple of weeks or so, we're overdue.

And anticipating a good weekend, no drama and lunch out with one of our sons.  He invited me, which is pretty darn sweet.  I asked if we could go to the hippie store, which he won't care about one way or another.  Need more China Rain spray.  And maybe we can visit the used bookstore near there, but that'd probably be a bad idea.  My addiction of choice doesn't always need to be fed.

May we all have a restful weekend.


Diane said...

Spiffy new place! I have you updated on Bloglovin, but it will take a bit to get the link fixed on the blog.

Quiet sounds wonderful. This week and next were full of stuff, but the washer dying gave me an excuse to postpone one thing and rearrange something else. A bit more margin. Not without excitement, though, as a few minutes after I got to the hair salon. the power in the entire neighborhood went out. They have floor-to-ceiling windows, so there was plenty of light. I was just having a root retouch, so we could go ahead, just without the blow dry at the end.

Still, kind of weird to have it so quiet.

Enjoy your time out with your son - hope it is a sweet, restful time, and that the trip to the "hippy store" (laugh every time I read that!) is fruitful.

Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

Yay!!!! Comments are open!! Just wanted to say that. Love the website address/blog title. I miss your ramblings about the good things in your life. Hey, enjoy your book addiction! No harm in too many books! Love you!

podso said...

Love your new place and name (is that new?) .. it seems so peaceful here. I'm glad you have comments opened again. Enjoy your quiet weekend. Did you get rain? We sure need it so badly and none in site. Hot, hot. hot here ...