Saturday, October 29, 2016

{about voting}

I'll just jump right in here.  Several friends of mine (in church and online) are in the not voting category, and maybe the link I'm sharing will be directed at them, but not in a harsh way.  Just for information purposes.  I realize this Presidential election is different from many we've experienced in the past as we're being presented with two candidates who aren't hardly anyone's first choices.  But one will win, and I feel it's so important that one win over the other.

I'm for Trump.  There I said it.  I realize that's not popular with many believers and with my children's peers, too many are sitting out the election.  Hoping the link I share will stir your hearts.  The blog post is written by a man from our church, a retired pastor in the Anglican church, but who's been all over in terms of background.  You can read his 'about me' page on his blog.  I deeply respect his opinion and he put into words what I've come to believe as true.  Good reading, nonetheless.

Again, not preaching to anyone, but for those of you who are unsure, maybe Dr. Crenshaw's post will be of an encouragement.  Not asking anyone to worry that I'm pointing a finger at them.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  We've all got to come to our own conclusions alone with the Lord.


Charm and Grace said...

Love, love, love the new photo! Kitchen windows are so interesting to me. I am with you, Melissa, and I don't like it one bit. I would like to have someone with integrity to vote for. Unfortunately, I must choose to vote for a platform rather than a person and just hope and pray that that person will actually hold to that platform. Even in the 3rd and 4th candidates down the ballot, we don't know enough about them to really be able to judge character (and those we do know about don't have any better character than #1 or #2). So, this is where we are... and we can't afford to sit home. Not this time. There is too much at stake. May God be merciful to us and to our nation. And, here is another blog I found very relevant to where we are.

Diane said...

Well said. Did your friend's post get linked up somewhere else? Both the title and the content seemed familiar, but I read so much I can't remember where else I may have seen it.

I voted Wednesday. For Trump. Wasn't happy about it, but based on platform-specific choices, he is the only candidate that is pro-life. My other concern is the SCOTUS. If Ms. Clinton wins, I could see the older Dem justices retiring now, specifically so she can appoint another Dem. With the current vacancy, it would give them an unshakable majority, which would change our county forever.

It hasn't been easy this go-round; I do think this is about to become the norm rather than the exception, unfortunately.