Saturday, October 1, 2016

(being aware)

Been awhile.  Lots going on, namely my mom having another stroke, this one a week ago today.  She had a brain aneurysm, fell, triggered her 911 button and the paramedics came, broke into her house, we got there a hair too late to unlock it, but thankfully they got to her in time.  I lost count of the paramedics and firemen that poured out of her house after we got there.  My goodness.  Quite honestly, my girls were in 'men in uniform' heaven.  Police officers too.  I know.

So she spent 4 days in the hospital and is in rehab now. 

My head spins.

I went shopping today and got some things for her room---a fall wreath, some tiny battery-operated lights, new tennis shoes for therapy, a soft blanket, know, womanly things.  The look on her face says, "What am I doing here again?  We did this already."  I totally get that.  Her first stroke was almost exactly 3 years ago.  We figured we were done with that scene.

She's not being cooperative, but is very sweet.  I know she's exhausted, wanting to be done with this stuff.  But she has to try.  She just has to.

Reminds me of my dad (over twenty years ago) when he was in the hospital with lung cancer.  I was pregnant with our fifth child, and had such ideas to help him to, at least, maybe feel better.  To try.  But he wasn't interested.  Felt defeated.  I can imagine both situations.  Fed up with feeling lousy and figuring what's the big deal.  Just let me alone.  Yeah, I get it.

She told her physical therapist today she didn't want to try.  Not sure if he coaxed her into it, but maybe.  Her memory recall isn't always sure, so not able to tell what actually happened. That's up to her if her therapy is a success.   

I will say this, though.  I've totally felt the Lord walking me through this week.  The timing of different situations has been golden.  Even going to visit my aunt (my mom's sister) who's in at-home hospice care, with my cousin watching over her.  Her home has such a sweet peacefulness about it.  Angels waiting in the background to take her home.  You can just feel it.  It's almost like soft music is playing, but coming from an other-worldly source.

Anyway.  I guess the lesson for me is to be the Lord's hands, and to stay aware of His presence.  Hospitals, rehab---angels everywhere.


Diane said...

Oh dear, you sweet thing. Will be praying for your mom to make the decision to get well - that she will be willing to try and become more cooperative.

And for you and your family, as well. For peace and calm in the midst of storms. For continues awareness of God's nearness and provision, His timing and those through whose hands He is working.

Bonnie said...

My heart is full for you. Angels are everywhere. You will see them and sense their presence. Grace will abound.
Yes, those uniforms!

Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

Yes, something about those uniforms!

Didn't realize that your mother had had a stroke before the fall. Poor thing! I can see why she would be discouraged about therapy. Life is so hard for her as it is. Then to endure more hardship, even if it's for her own good, can feel like too much. Bless her!

So thankful that God is consoling you with His Presence and the presence of His angels. The peace that passes all understanding. He has everything under control. All is well.

Love you!