Thursday, October 13, 2016

{making time to rest}

A good day.  Had school-time with the girls. We just read out loud.  Laughed at a short story I read to them, talked about it.  Read a couple of chapters from the Book of John, which we're going through.  Windows up, damp outside, but unfortunately not rainy, which we desperately need.  But cloudy and quiet.  Restful.

I got to thinking about busyness, guilt at schoolwork or the lack of it, the pressure to visit my mom (not griping about it, but realizing how much time all of this scheduled activity in all things hems me in), and fitting in routine things.  And I came to the conclusion that it's easy to be rigid without meaning to be.  To run your own life by someone else's standards.  So many rules.  Even with the paperwork we have to fill out for our homeschool requirements.  Dot the i's and cross the t's.  I have a human failing of always...I say always messing something up on those forms.  Everytime.  It's 
just laughable.  I hate filling out forms, so with me, it's always a case of re-reading them, correcting them, popping them in the mailbox and the instant the envelope hits the bottom of the mailbox at the post office, I realize I messed up something.

Those papers came back yesterday.  See what I mean?  Laughable.  

But to give myself a tiny bit of credit, they've been more cautious about certain things, wanting more descriptions on coursework.  Covering their own tracks with the monsters at the education department, I'm sure.  It's okay.  I'll re-do what I can and we'll try again.  Not at the top of my list, and while this used to make me nuts, in perspective, it's not a big hill o' beans.

Tomorrow we'll visit my mom again, and I'll take the weekend off from going up there.  I need that break.  Our oldest daughter gave me pause the other day.  She said she was afraid the next thing that happened would cause me to explode.  I need to take care of my own brain and let my kids at home see that I know how to rest.  Life isn't always about the next thing to do.  Inactivity is a blessing and healing in itself.  

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