Monday, October 3, 2016

{mom today}

Life is certainly full of surprises.  In visiting my mom at rehab (two of the children and me yesterday and my husband today) we've discovered that her hold on reality is a bit skewed.  She's seeing things in a bit of an altered manner.  She told my husband today she was being visited by two little boys, thinking they were mine.  Small children whose names she didn't know.  I call it Grace.  In her sharing with my husband today she told him someone had brought her jewelry and tomatoes---the prettiest tomatoes she'd ever seen.  None of that happened, but I'm pleased she's content even in her mental wanderings.  Again, Grace.

I have no idea what happens when an aneurysm blasts a brain, but in my mom's case, it's not all negative.  There's a childlike behavior, which isn't natural to her, but is enabling her to cope.  If she was totally aware of her limitations, it'd break her heart.  Maybe this is a blessing.  Where she was a little aggressive the other day alternated with apathy---well, I think I'll take her dementia.

Maybe she's reverting.  Or maybe her daymares are a gift.  I'll take them as they come.  She makes us laugh, not intentionally, but it's so wonderful to see her restful and not frustrated.  And while at times she's loud and confused, it's at least not all the time.

Me...I want to take better care of myself.   A stroke isn't on my agenda either.

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Kimberly~Nutbrown Cottage said...

Yes, such a blessing to be unaware of her limitations. My MIL is the same way. It's like her dreams are her reality. I'm okay with that if they are happy dreams. This is grace for you, too, since you get to see her in a new and positive light. All good. Much love!