Sunday, October 23, 2016

{oh my goodness}

Staying home this morning while my tribe has gone to church. Needing to recalibrate my system. Too much pulling me from side to side, overmuch people-pleasing, and my spirit is tired.

Thinking about lots of things---paramount being my mom's care and getting enough clothes to her so I'm not so committed to going up there every other day. Will go raffle in her drawers to come with more stretch pants. With being responsible for her finances and more practical matters, there's been little time for my own self-care.  So I stayed home to be alone. Never happens anymore.

Enter a moment of solitude.

Exit a moment of solitude.

Washer just now overflowed onto the kitchen floor and went downhill underneath appliances on the opposite side of room.

Ain't it always something.

Old house. Conflicting plumbing. It could be worse. The frustrating part is how the water spills over into the double sinks---after draining through the under sink pipes. Previous owner.  Bad plumbers. Then the water gets onto the countertops and empties into the silverware drawer.


But it's a beautiful day. Kitchen floor nice and wet. It'll get cleaned. Windows open. Sunshiny. Can't argue with that.

Perspective once again. My husband can get on the roof and blow out the plumbing exhaust pipe. Happens every so often. As I said. Old house.

Roll my eyes. Pick up soaking towels on the floor. Maybe go for a drive.
As I said.  Gorgeous day.


Bonnie said...

Sabbath rest...

Gloriade said...

Our house and plumbing are old too. I have mopped up many a wet floor from overflowing appliances. Sounds like you are keeping perspective, This is the Day that the Lord has made, I WILL rejoice and be glad in it.

Charm and Grace said...

Oy... on second thought maybe church wouldn't have been so bad after all. ;) Wow. I would have probably melted down into a puddle with the rest of the water. ~Blessings and wishes for a speedy dryness to all the wet things.~