Monday, October 31, 2016


Beautiful day.  Chickens molting and Anastasia behaving as if she's lost her sense of direction, but she's the only one who does that.  She looks like a side-winder.  This happened last fall when she molted.  Seems her brain is taxed when her feathers fall out.  But it'll pass.

~ ~ ~

I'm trying to take better care of myself.  Have lost 2 pounds in the same amount of weeks.  Slow going, but that's the most effective method.  Truth is, my mom's stroke situation is so frightening, I'm driven to self-care by my husband's concern and my own frustration.  I've gained weight with each child, lost a bit along the way, but haven't felt good in my own skin in way too long. 

I want to get into a pair of jeans and actually feel like I look good in them.

Funny thing.  I've read stories about women who see themselves in photos and that's their wakeup call.  Ignorant folks are prone to make comments about how is it possible to not know what you look like.  I say, "Shut up."  Well, yesterday the least one took some pictures with my phone of the Elvis things in Tupelo, and she got one of me, totally candid, from the back.  I'm wearing a dress, but still...

Not beating myself up.  Just motivated in a new way.  Had already been watching what I eat, and using the treadmill again.  Guess visual stimulation was needed as well.

The one day at a time thinking is where I'm going.  Right this minute, I'm good.

Enjoy your day!

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Charm and Grace said...

One day at a time, indeed. I gained 30 lbs. with my first child and have lost and gained about 10-15 of that several times since. With thyroid issues (had mine radiated in 2004) and 4 female surgeries, I just was battling uphill all the time. I had lost around 20 pounds a few years back from completely eliminating refined sugar in my diet, and felt like I looked the best I had in 20 years. But I gradually have allowed sugar back in... and have also added back the weight. One thing I did allow myself during the sugar elimination was fruit... and I ate lots of it. Mostly in shakes, with Greek yogurt and honey. In fact, I ate those shakes for dinner nearly every night for almost 6 months. But then we went on vacation, and I let my guard down, and haven't gotten it back since. :( I actually had a shake for dinner last night... maybe I'll get back on track. Rooting for you, too.

Have a lovely day!