Sunday, October 30, 2016

{sunday night}

Church.  Then a trip down to Mississippi with my husband and our youngest.  He was buying an item of self-defense he'd found online and we had to travel to the other side of Tupelo, land of Elvis.  Got our business taken care of and stopped at his house, the one you see in photographs.  Tiny little thing.  Across the street was the sweetest Methodist church.  Folks were arriving for evening services, and the whole effect was so charming. 

Then back to home and the other land of Elvis.  Never been to Graceland.  Way too expensive and we're fine with that.   Adult tickets, not discounted, are $38.75 a piece.  I find that hilarious.  I can find plenty of things to spend that sort of money on and it's not Graceland.

Speaking of Elvis.  My dad, who was a building contractor, worked on Graceland years and years ago, when I was little.  I remember him bringing home scraps of the carpet that was laid, and my mom has a stone in her front flower bed that was from his house.  Must find that thing.

This afternoon was impulsive, something that's not my way.  I tend to plan, or not do anything at all, which is boring.  But it's safe.  I lean toward safe, but life needs to be stirred up from time to time (at least what folks say).  I feel refreshed, tired, but refreshed.

Now resting, but might make middle birthday daughter's carrot cake in a bit.  Get it chilled.  So much better when it's made the night before, but the more I think about it, the less I don't want to do it.  Tomorrow is soon enough.  Sweet day tomorrow with her 18th birthday.  Presents bought already, have to put the pork roast to cook in the crockpot in the morning for barbeque, then pick up things for slaw and the cream cheese frosting mixings.  I say yum.

Thankful for today.  My two oldest girls visited my mom while we were out of town, so that's done for a couple of days.  A blessing to have chores shared.  Makes life easy.

Take care.

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