Tuesday, November 1, 2016

{a quiet day}

You know how a computer has a Safe Mode, the selection you make in order to make changes, and which protects your computer from further problems?

I've been operating in Safe Mode.  In my personal life.

Am just now branching out into Standard Mode, or whateveryoucallit.  Ready to boot up normally.  I feel like I've been hibernating, avoiding stuff, protecting my mind from further damage--all from outside sources.  All family-related, which is sort of interesting.

You'd think blood would have a care.  Not so much.  Learning to let that stuff go.  Not give it so much room in my head to mull over.  I can hear you say it...about time, yes?

It's very healing to have a thought pop up into my head and say to myself, "No, you can't come in here.  Go 'way."

~ ~ ~

Stuff on the agenda today:  School with the girls.  Deep-cleaning some in anticipation of the holidays.  We're reading Mythology out loud.  Had such fun, really, reading Shakespeare's plays aloud, but the Mythology doesn't provide the same entertainment.  Not sure if we'll finish Bullfinch, but it is rewarding to stick to something until the end.  We'll see.  Since Shakespeare mentions mythological characters so frequently, seemed appropriate to slip from one to the other.

And don't have to go out except to fetch youngest son at work.  Might pop into the Mediterranean store on the way for some loose tea.  Haven't treated us with that in awhile.  I enjoy stepping into that store, hearing the automatic Arabic greeting at the door (some gadget says something we can't understand as soon as the door opens), and breathing deeply.  Smells like what'd I'd imagine a Middle Eastern Market to sound like.  Nice folks too.  See, we can all get along and live together!

Working on allowing the backpacks I figuratively tote around to fall off, bit by bit.  My, it's hard work. 

And I'm re-reading Rosamunde Pilcher books.  I have almost all of them.  Non-thinking, full of descriptions, good books for when you're working on healing your spirit.  Nothing taxing.  Just entertainment.  I think sometimes we have to do this...just give our wee brains a break.


Gloriade said...

I love Rosamund Pilcher and have read them over and over. "Coming Home" was my favorite for many years. Then, I read "Winter Solstice" and fell in love with it. As you say, so restful and yet so real. it's like coming out of a lovely dream at the end of each story.

podso said...

Love this post and your word pictures. Need to read some Rosamund Pilcher, she sounds wonderful.

Charm and Grace said...

Love Rosamund Pilcher... it's been several years since I read one of hers, but her descriptions of Cornwall are magnificent. Still dreaming of getting there someday. Yes, it's good to replace heavier things in the mind with blissful thoughts of an English coastline!