Friday, November 18, 2016


Taking a day. Or part of one. Been so busy cleaning, I've exhausted myself. Common ailment of women when a major holiday awaits. Cleaning my mom's empty house in anticipation of our son and his sweet wife staying there will have to hold off till tomorrow.

I can hear Anastasia making chickeny sounds outside my open bedroom window, digging a hole as she dustbathes. They've all finished molting and have 90% of their feathers in now. Thankful for that fact being that rain is expected later on today, bringing with it much cooler temperatures. Hallelujah. Not for cold, but rain. These 70 degree days have been peachy, but my girls ache for cozy, bundle up weather. Bought the least one a Christmas sweater the other day and she's excited to be able to wear it. Been too warm. I get it. Got to wear the sweater.

Have already bought one turkey and will get another (one to reserve for Christmas) on Monday, along with all the trimmings. I love Thanksgiving dinner shopping.

Going to putter today. Hang the red shower curtain.  We have teal walls in there, so the contrast should be catchy. Dust the ceiling fans. Put kitchen cabinet hardware back on after I clean off decades-old paint from around the edges. Hang the fall wreaths...I know, late with that. Cook something delicious for dinner.

And rest.


Diane said...

Sounds like a wonderful day - and what fun to anticipate your son and his wife visiting!

It is 66 degrees right now. By just after dinnertime, it will be forty degrees, with thirty mile an hour winds. As I understand it, chance for thunderstorms with small hail in between those two things. Lovely, I say. We shattered four high temperature records in November so far; like your girls, I yearn for cozy weather.

Chimney being swept Monday, so I can snuggle up to a fire the rest of the cold next week!

podso said...

That is so cool your son and wife are visiting. Special for you. Love aqua and red. Feels 50s to me! Have a good Thanksgiving, sweet friend.

Charm and Grace said...

Well, so glad for you about the rain. Still no sign of it here. We are all drying up and crackly around here... lol. Must laugh in order not to cry. I, too, have many miles to go before we eat Thanksgiving dinner here on Thursday. May you all have a very wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving celebration. I appreciate you, too.