Thursday, November 24, 2016

{happy thanksgiving}

Resting.  Kids here and there in the house and out on the porch, waiting for oldest to pass through after work and hopefully stay to eat after visiting, him being all alone since his girlfriend went out of town.  Another son has already been, picking up a chocolate chess pie I baked for him and his gathering.  Meeting his new sister-in-law while he was here.  Other married son and his wife due for dessert.  They were having their own Thanksgiving meal, complete with Cornish hens, which sounds pretty sweet.  A cozy, romantic dinner for two.  I'm all for it.  Mom asked if I minded them not coming, and that never entered my mind.  I'm not one for forcing a situation.  Good they can have their own traditions.  And even though my husband tried to convince my mom to come, she declined.  Hard for her to motivate herself both mentally and physically to leave the rehab.  Easier for us too, but probably shouldn't admit that.  All is well.

Roasting turkey, everything else made or about to be made.  No hurries.  We tend to have a relaxing Thanksgiving in terms of cooking.  Used to, my mom would cook early-early, as would my mother-in-law, putting in the turkey at daybreak so as to eat at one or so.  I looked at them and their sometimes-harried mornings and decided that eating at dinnertime was a much better idea.  I get up at about 10am, have my tea as usual, and then chop onions and celery for stuffing and draft a child to help me get the turkey ready.  Works like a charm and we don't get flustered.  And all the girls have specific dishes they prepare, holding onto those duties religiously, not allowing anyone to interfere.  Less for me to do, which is perfect.

After dinner my brood will go to the new Potter movie.  Would be wonderful if they ALL go, but not sure if that'll happen.  Seeing them all together is a joy, though a bit of a tense joy.  Oldest daughter asked if I was alright, being able to sense something being off.  She's sensitive that way.  I'm good, though anxious.  Just watching the family dynamics, which are smooth as can be.  And as they say in church, Thanks be to God.

Looking forward to the moment we light the candles, sit at the table and my husband says the blessing.  Hands held, spirits as one, thankful for the things that hold the sometimes tenuous strings of our family together.

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Kim James said...

Sounds like a wonderful day!