Wednesday, November 9, 2016

{must talk about the election}

This morning I got a group email from a writer I've reviewed, a Christian young woman, one who's very sincere.  Her words parroted what others have mentioned today, about how we need not gloat about the Republican win for the Presidency.  We should exercise self-control and not, so to speak, rub it in.  Well, while I get what they're saying, I intend to gloat.  We hung red, white, and blue balloons outside on our porch, along with our bunting and flag that were already there.  See it and weep, and with me living in a heavily Democratic neighborhood.

All these folks sharing videos of how to deal with the stress of today, breathing deeply, nurturing your hurt soul.  Oh bother.  Big babies. The rest of us have had to live with 8 years of nonsense enough to choke a horse.

The past three or four years in our family have been hard.  Harder than any parent should have to witness.  Harder than any sibling should have to tolerate.  Immorality to beat the band.  We've lost the old closeness with some of our boys, and have had to turn a blind eye to degenerate behavior, that is, if you want to have a relationship and not become totally estranged.

I feel I've lost so much.  My home has had to be reconsidered.  How do we do holidays when our boys aren't interested in entering our house, not wanting to be subject to prayer at meals and possibly questions that none of us want to ask, and nobody wants to answer?  With them living lifestyles that the liberal world at large considers normal, tossing sin (in this present world where if it feels good, do it) to the wayside.

In the early morning hours of today, I finally, after so much time, felt a deep content.  An ability
to let go of some of the tension.  And while the election had nothing to do with my children, it was like finally something good was happening.  A positive wind was blowing.  Potential in the air of changes that could be beneficial to my family. 

Yet you turn around and read the gentle scoldings from those well-meaning folks (mostly Millenials) who are so afraid of hurting feelings.  Putting into greater consideration the possibility of isolating those who choose to be isolated. Unable to see that we've elected a Commander-in-Chief who opposes abortion, for one positive happening.  Hallelujah.  And they stress feelings over practicality.  Give me a big, fat break.

Here it is, we had two choices for President.  More were on the ballot, but we all recognize only one of two would win.  One is responsible for the deaths of countless individuals who have questioned either her or her husband's doings, deaths labeled suicides.  Guilty of deaths connected with Benghazi, a queen of cover-ups in regard to her husband's infidelities, a liar who used money meant for others (Haiti) to line her own pockets, deleter of emails extraordinaire. And I could go on.

The other candidate is a blowhard more like a bully than anything.  The guy at school who uses his position to become class president.  The rich boy.  But the one who gets things done.  Sometimes opens his big mouth when it should be shut, but still, gets it done.  As far as I know, he's not a murderer, or a philanderer.  He's not perfect, but the Bible is full of misfits who God used to get things done.  Believers and non-believers alike.  God uses, regardless.

A nation divided?  Well, yeah.  Been that way for ages, it's nothing new, but folks are whining about how it's more divided than ever, which I see as a huge exaggeration.  I feel like Obama steamrolled us.  Insisted on enacting laws that deteriorated the roots of our country's heritage.  Spitting on the Christians and playing nice to those who oppose a decent lifestyle.  He's convinced the people that if you whine enough, you'll get what you want, like a spoiled child.  Kick up a big enough fuss and we'll bow to your request.  Hence the references online to not gloating.  Don't want to make anyone feel bad. 

Get over yourselves, not that any of those I'm directing this to will actually read this.  It's time for some of us to celebrate.  Bake the pies (which we're doing) and have a good dinner.  Praise God for showing His mercy, as I see it, in this election.  We have the opportunity to undo some of the mess the current administration has dumped on us. 

Reminds me a tad of how I felt when Reagan was President.  Like the best dad ever was in charge.  Today I'll revel in that potential.


Diane said...

You go, girl! Didn't realize how tense I was until I woke up yesterday morning and saw the results...the tension just flowed right out of my shoulders.

The protests both make me laugh, and make me very sad. As you say, it's whiny losers thinking if they kick up enough fuss and bother, they will force us to change. Pfffft.

While I'm all for being gracious in victory, it's kind of hard to ignore the urge to gloat when the opposition is wailing "oh no! the end of the world as we know it (as if that is a bad thing)! Trump voters evil racist nontolerant!!). Seriously, the invective I've seen from Dems directed to all conservatives has had a special edge of insanity since yesterday. They WILL.NOT.CHANGE.

Eh. I love your idea of pie as a celebration. Maybe I need to bake a cake.

podso said...

You're so right about the tension--some of which I didn't even realize was hovering, but what a difference yesterday! That "something" hanging over life, is gone. And I'm tired but encouraged.

Charm and Grace said...

I am just praying for grace for all of us. Trump is no savior -- there is only One of those -- and I am really tired of especially Christians putting so much stock in him or any man (certainly not saying you are doing that... just the ones I've seen on social media!) But if he holds to the platform, then I truly do have great hope for our nation. So far, I am heartened at the advisors he is surrounding himself with. At the end of everything, this is a rotten, fallen place we live in. There is a great deal of beauty here, so much of it in people. But there is just too much sin and destruction here. I just kept saying to myself that character cannot be a deciding factor in this election -- none of the candidates on the ballot had it. However, when someone is a known criminal and advocates that a full-term baby's spinal cord can be snipped as it is being born in the name of "choice" -- well, the *choice* was very clear. This madness has to stop.