Wednesday, November 30, 2016


Peaceful in my heart just now.  Gradually decorating for the holidays.  Put up our tree last night, a 4' artificial from Michael's I bought about a month ago.  Tiny thing.  The girls laughed at me when I brought it home, but the cuteness of it won them over yesterday.  Pre-strung with white lights, and looks peachy on the table my husband brought home from his shop.  Crammed it full of ornaments, with no space remaining.  And we got new tinsel, white sparkly with snowflakes on it.  Looks like snow tucked against the branches.  And put as a skirt an old forties tablecloth from my mom. 

Last year we got a real tree, like we'd also done the previous year after having fake trees for years.  Must've had a really dry one last year because by Christmas Day I wasn't able to breathe.  While I put the turkey in the oven, my husband and the boys trucked the tree, fully decorated, out on our front porch.  After vacuuming and airing out the house, I was much better.

Not risking that ever again.  Spent most of my young adult life with bronchitis during Christmas, never putting two and two together.  Allergic to Christmas trees.  Sounds so sad.

* * *

Set aside the Ayn Rand and began reading a PD James called The Murder Room which is so very good.  Never read any of hers.  Now the Rand is also very well-written, but it requires me to think, and I don't want to think.  I just want to be entertained.  Atlas Shrugged gives me the impression I'm reading a story behind the story, which I believe is true.  The Murder Room is probably the best-written mystery I've ever read.  She is leaps and bounds better than any Agatha Christie...maybe more in keeping with Sherlock Holmes sorts of stories.  I still don't know who done it and I'm 2/3 into it.  That's saying something.

And reading Hamlet out loud with the girls.  Already did this with Romeo and Juliet and Taming of the Shrew, but afraid we're not taking it as seriously as we should.  They do voices, which puts it in the class of a comedy.  But we're having fun, which is the main thing.

December first tomorrow.  I'm ready.  Well, decorative-wise.  Not going nuts with shopping and asked the kids to not ask for anything, but to just let me surprise them.  Sort of excited at that idea.  No pressure. 

And Evensong at church on Friday night.  Bliss.  Chants.  Candlelight.  Pure Christmas.


podso said...

While I miss the tromping through a tree farm after a drive to the mountains, I must say an artificial tree has its advantages. I love not having to deal with dropped needles. Sounds like you've made a small investment in your health. And love the surprise element for your gifts. Enjoy this month!

Charm and Grace said...

Lovely, rhythmic post. It has been years since I read a mystery, and I voraciously devoured them as a child and young adult. May have to check out James. Getting the children surprises... whoa! I am definitely not brave enough for that yet! ;)