Wednesday, November 23, 2016

{thanksgiving eve}

My heart is indeed full.  Will see all my chickens tomorrow at some point or another.  Wasn't sure if that would happen or not.  They won't be here all at once, but I'll take what I can get, and sounds pretty darn awesome.

Funny thing.  I've noticed that when a holiday looms, or a baby is born, or someone passes away that folks pull together.  The old animosities sort of fade away, hopefully to stay away after the event is over.

Anyway, I'm hopeful.  Makes me tear up to think of it.  Getting the house all dressed up, listening to my children cut up.  Believing the Lord will touch our home.  I want healing and mended relationships.  That'd be the perfect Christmas gift for me.

Happy Thanksgiving friends.


podso said...

We will pray it go well, for us too and many families gathered here and there. I'm happy for you.

Kim James said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Happy Happy for your family.