Saturday, December 31, 2016

{new years eve}

Let me just say, right off the bat, that I couldn't be making this journey with my mom without my husband and kids here at home. They're all so willing. And specifically, my girls will take my mom breakfast in bed, usually something easy to handle like a granola bar and a cup of hot coffee. She loves her coffee. I have time to drink my pot of tea, also in bed, and we all have a slow start to the day.
Then it starts. The intimate parts of Mom's care that fretted me so. But it's okay. She said today she hated that she was so needful and I reminded her that she'd do the same for me and I'd do the very same for my kids. Really, it's just bodies doing what they do, and the whole process has to pass by with as little comment as possible. It's okay. God is so full of grace. Angels making themselves comfortable at our house, let me tell you.

Left our two youngest (they're 18 and 14) in charge while I ran errands. It was my turn for Altar Guild and I enjoyed the slow pace of setting up. Bought another washable mattress pad at the drugstore, picked up the least one's Dee Henderson library book on hold, got a few things at Mom's house and bought three, count 'em, three new magazines for me.

Did too much, though. Tuckered when I got home. But when I got there the girls had finished watching 'Singing in the Rain' with Mom (she doesn't know about Debbie Reynolds' passing yet), had painted her nails, fed her soup and crackers, and had gotten her into bed for her nap. The youngest does show an enthusiastic manner for swinging Mom's legs into the bed, not unlike a ranch hand, but it seems to do the trick. I keep warning her about her back.

It's all shared, which is wonderful, and my husband isn't  squeamish about anything. Anything.
I realize we're sort of in the honeymoon period of her care now. Won't always go this smoothly, and her health, while precarious, won't always be as it is now.

But today has been sweet. It's all been sweet, even the messy parts. I am thankful, though, that she's ready for bed at seven!

Thank you from deep in my heart for your prayers. No regrets in doing this hard thing. You help make it possible.

Happy New Year.


podso said...

Love that phrase "angels making themselves comfortable at our house …"

Charm and Grace said...

This is a precious post. Wish I had read it before your latest, but I am catching up after a nightmarish weekend with my teeth. I am thankful you had this good start. Not every day will be like that one, but it's a great start. Know you are thankful for your sweet ones all pitching in.