Thursday, December 22, 2016

{pre-christmas goings on}

Stayed up longer last night cooking.  Middle daughter made yeast rolls and I made a small pot of chicken noodle soup for her to take to a friend's house today.  Daughter's idea.  My sweet girl helps this woman from church from time to time, babysitting, working in her kitchen---this friend is one who always does more than necessary and taking her dinner is one way to reach out to her for a change.  She had crashed after the death of a fellow parishioner.  Just plain worn out.  Our daughter is sensitive to this, needing to spread the love.  Same child made a huge batch of cookies to take to a local police station.  She got such a kick out of me taking her to the precinct, walking in by herself and getting smiles and laughs from the officers manning the desk.  She's a giver.  And she always waves at the police cars when we pass on the street.  I've told her they might someday think I've kidnapped her and she's waving for help.  Does that stop her?  She also speaks to cops when she sees them in stores, thanking them for their service.  They always respond in such a positive way.  "Thank you, hon," one said yesterday.  Amazing girl.  Eighteen and amazing.

And today I believe the baking will be done.  Made a batch of date bars, a recipe from our children's childhood.  Packing tins for the boys here in town.  Hoping the memories of the gingerbread men and other things will spark some memories.  Have more dough in the fridge for almond/raspberry thumbprint cookies.  I've made a total of 4 batches, last night's being a double, but try as I might, my cookies don't look like the ones on Pinterest. I don't know how they do it.  Mine are more smooshie.  But the taste...awesome at best.

Today will be low-key, as will the rest of the week.  Sounds odd.  Busy, but good busy.  The last days before Christmas are traditionally maddening, but not this year.  The least one and I will shop for Christmas dinner today.  Ditto Thanksgiving menu. 

Looking at the calendar, Mom's 100th day at rehab is up two weeks from tomorrow.  Thinking I can delay thinking about the magnitude of that situation until after Christmas.   Focus on now.  This weekend.  Joy.  Relaxing.  Something to do each day, but it's all good stuff.  Mega-church Christmas church visit tomorrow night with above-mentioned girl.  Her request, but will probably only be us.  Other kids either working, or not interested.  The least one is a die-hard Anglican, preferring hymns and not contemporary music.  Me, I love it all.  It'll be nice to be with just one child.  Our time.

Deep breaths.  Store, carting kids around, it's all good. 


Gloriade said...

It sounds like we are in the middle of the same prep routines getting ready for Christmas day. I baked two batches of cookies today. Finished most of the wrapping except for hubby's which are hidden at my mom's house. I will do those tomorrow. Candlelight service on Christmas Eve and everyone coming for Christmas Day. In the midst of all the business, I want to wish you a most blessed Christmas Season. As Tiny Tim would have said, "God bless us everyone."

podso said...

I'm enjoying quiet, though grandson arriving soon. Enjoy the moments, Melissa. Merry Christmas.