Monday, December 19, 2016

{sunny and cold}

At church taking advantage of their Internet signal.  We have fast-speed at home for a certain length of time, then it switches to slow-speed.  It reboots this Wednesday, so until then, I manage.  We have our cellphones on the same plan, so with a hot spot box, it's cheaper in the long run.

Cold as all get out, but sunny.  Lovely day.  Had to come to church anyway since my husband and I delivered the church's gifts to the Neighborhood Christian Center.  Our church is very, very generous and my van was packed with those large, black rubbish bags, full of wrapped clothes and toys.  A good feeling leaving those this morning.

Anyway, about the's supposed to warm up gradually to our more seasonal 40s and 50s.  Thirty-two today and 45 tomorrow.  Much better.

And lots going on at church.  Hanging of the greens yesterday, lighting of the tree, and this weekend a Christmas Eve service complete with incense, not to mention a service on Christmas Day morning.

I'm reading Miss Read's Christmas books, and last night read the story about the new, not-yet-accepted couple in town who had a baby on Christmas Day.  Might read it out loud to the girls this week.  Makes me thankful again for our small Anglican church.  When Miss Read talks about church and when Jan Karon talks about Father Tim, I can identify closely with all they say.  Cozy small church here.  My husband with the part-time job same as Albert Piggott, the grumpy old sexton in Miss Read's books.  My husband calls himself a curmudgeonly caretaker, and sometimes he is but in an amusing way, but for all of us in our house to be part of this place is such a huge blessing.  Altar guild, flower lady with me doing the vases each's small town worship in the big city.


Diane said...

So happy you have peace and such a great fit at church. A true blessing and retreat.

The minus six from this morning is now twelve above, with much more temperate winds. Always makes me think of the first pioneers, and how they had to cope with the elements.

podso said...

I've said it before and I'll say again how much I love hearing about your church.

Charm and Grace said...

Fun reads... I so love the Mitford books. Are the Miss Read books as humorous? If so, I may have to investigate further. :) So good to be a part of a generous community of believers.