Sunday, December 11, 2016

{taking it slow}

A good day.  Church, then home for an hour's nap.  Enchilada soup for dinner made by the least one and a feeling of deep rest.  I'm at my best when I've napped in the afternoon, which doesn't happen much anymore.  Not sure why it's better than a night's sleep, but there you are.

And glad of the damp, yet not quite-so-cold weather today.  Windy, but nice.  Thinking of folks stuck in the snow and glad, once again, I live in the South. 

Thinking this will be a laid-back Christmas.  Not so indulgent.  Simpler gifts.  Quieter days.  Less anxiety.  Just a feeling, but one I like.  Trying to avoid borrowing trouble.

And I'm doing test runs on the cookies I want to give as gifts.  A thumbprint cookie with raspberry jam is a the top of the list, after me making a mess attempting to make Spritz with my husband's grandmother's old cookie press.  I was not a fan.  Got a crick in my neck just looking down at how the dough squished out the bottom of it.  Was so flummoxed by it, I asked my husband to look up a video so I could watch somebody else use it, but all he found were ones using the new model.  Not helping!  Finally had success, but afterward, cleaned the thing off, boxed it up and put it at the back of the kitchen cabinets, way at the top.  Now I remember why it's sat up there for about 10 years.  Seriously.

So sugar cookies (which are the best anyhow) and thumbprint it is.  I've got heaps of butter anyhow since I buy it when it's on sale.  

Used to, Christmas was so full of drama, and while the kids still get excited, it's more of a settled excitement.  We've lived through a stream of surprises, both good and not so good, so we're more calm, I think.  And that's good.  Healthier, maybe.  No extremes.

Later on in the week, our soup supper at church and the kids making Chrismons for the church tree.  Caroles sung afterward.  Evensong on Friday.  Love the last two weeks before Christmas.  Lots going on, but I'm not feeling the demands of the holiday this year.  Just taking it a bit at a time.  Not frantic at all.

Hope you're calm as well.


Gloriade said...

It all sounds like a delightful way to celebrate the Christmas season.

Charm and Grace said...

I laughed when you mentioned putting away the cookie press... at the top in the back! I know the feeling. My mother got a cookie press when I was a child and we tried to make spritz. It seems like it was always a fail... and they were never all that pretty. I suppose they tasted good... I love cookies of just about all kinds. We do the thumbprint cookies, too, with jelly in the hole. Have always called them jewel cookies because of the transparent colored jellies. Your enchilada soup has piqued my interest! I do a tortilla soup that the family loves. Merry Monday!

podso said...

Oh the old cookie presses--my mother used one and I have one but haven't used it in a few years. In fact I haven't made cookies in a few years but really want to this year. Your church sounds wonderful. I'm so glad you found it!