Wednesday, January 25, 2017


With my immune system shot to heck, it's taking me longer to get over this darn cold. I've coughed enough for several people.

My husband did have a minor brainstorm last night, and brewed me some tea with wild cherry bark I'd bought at the hippie store awhile back. Tasted like furniture polish, but really cut the cough.

Worked for about 4 hours. After I drank a cup, I put the rest in the fridge and promptly forgot it was in there. About 3am, after coughing for 2-3 and on...remembered. Mixed it with some Lemon Zinger. Much better. Now it tastes like Lemon Pledge. But gosh, it works.

My girls are holding the fort today so far in terms of my mom's care, but I'm hiding in our bedroom, at least for now. She was talking to oldest daughter about what to get for dinner, but we already have stuff. I realize she wants to be involved, yet her idea would include shopping, which nobody wants to do. The girls have all been sick.

Too many generations and way too many females in this house.

I just want to walk through the house, do what I do and not feel I have to explain myself. As soon as I go to check on my mom, she's gonna want to wrestle about dinner. She's like a dog with a bone with her stroke brain. It's hard to continually have to give allowances for that.

But my girls...we together have such a kinship. Without them, I couldn't manage any of this. They are truly awesome. I never had sisters, but 3 daughters are such a gift. Never do I take it for granted.


podso said...

You are blessed with your daughters. And I'm so sorry you've been sick. It seems to be almost epidemic at least in these parts.

Bonnie said...

The Summer of the Great Grandmother by Madeleine L'Engle

Hope you are better now as this is now the 29th.

Cathy said...

I hope you are feeling better.

Your daughters...oh, how I can relate to this. My daughters were such a sweet source of strength to me during those days of caring for my parents.

But it had a shadow side too, one of unspeakable fear. Was it causing resentment, disgust, anger in them that I was not able to detect because I was so absorbed in just the everyday duty of caring for my father and mother...Especially my mother because she was the most difficult and involved more caring for in the physical and mental over a greater period of time. And when Rose went somewhat askew ( a nice way of putting it, indeed), shortly after her death, I had to face one of my fears face on.

I still hold firm to what I believed then. I trusted God. As a family we prayed and believed this was the course the LORD had for us to we did. He alone can make roses bloom in the desert places of my life as well as in my daughter's lives.

Keep looking to the One from whom your help comes! You are doing a great job.