Friday, January 13, 2017

{this and that}

Misty outside and cooler in the 40s after sunny 70 degree days. Just a few. Not our typical January weather when I'm more used to an ice storm and sleet. I could get used to the new trend, not that it'll stay this way all winter. It'll freeze again.

Roast for the Crock-Pot. The Mississippi one that's so awesome. My mom's PT is sorta nosy, asking the other day what I was fixing for dinner and how it was prepared, stressing how he doesn't want her to have salt. Heck, her current b/p stands in the range of 110/60. He needs to chill. Btw, this meal is high sodium. Drink your water.

This over-medicating and wanting to extend a person's life beyond what is realistic bothers me. We prop up the elderly with piles of pills. One therapist shared that it's not unusual for folks to take 30-40 pills/day. Are you kidding me? My paternal grandparents died gracefully and without a little line of plastic bottles rimming the medicine cabinet. They didn't suffer the indignity of adult diapers either.
I sometimes think it's a pride thing the medical establishment indulges in, attempting to hyper-control our humanity. Our physical bodies are busted. Face it.

When you've reached your 80s or 90s seems the main topic of conversation is health, or lack thereof. Except for this 90 year old lady at church, Miss Ann, who treated me to lunch before Christmas. She continues to drive, goes ballroom dancing each Saturday and ushers at a local live theater most Sunday afternoons.

Note this: we're not going to live forever. But Miss Ann has the right idea. Keep your mind and body busy.


podso said...

You are right, many of the elderly are on too much medicine. Some were started and never reevaluated. I love that Mississippi Roast-need to make it again. You didn't mention the butter in it! HA! It feels HOT out today, I hope we get your cooler weather tomorrow. Just not right--earlier this week there was snow on the ground. Take care of yourself.

Diane said...

As we get older and the medical establishment tries to get us to limit this and that, and cut out the other thing entirely, I kind of have to wonder with you....why? My family tends toward late eighties - early nineties lifespans. Not entirely sure I want to follow that trend, LOL. Much rather earlier with the Lord, than lingering in questionable health.

Charm and Grace said...

All kinds of agreement with this post, Melissa. Please no more pills for me. I want to go out smelling the daffodils and playing barefoot in the grass (or snow, as the case may be)... love the picture in my head of Miss Ann.