Friday, January 6, 2017


Woke in the middle of the night, looked out and it was lightly snowing. Still is. Such a beautiful morning, but the chickens are affronted. Won't come out of their coop, so put in some bread, seed and their water. Propped open their coop door so it won't blow shut. They'll have to sally forth if they want feed. Stuck that container in the straw-cozy spot underneath, out of the range of the snow.

Not much. Couple of inches, but love how muffled the world gets. Little traffic, yet I can hear a plane.

And the reflection of the light from the snow makes the house brighter inside.  Love that.

Enjoy your day.


podso said...

We're next!

Gloriade said...

I heard there was snow in the South today. I like snow, as long as I can stay home and enjoy it without having to drive anywhere. Hopefully the chickens won't get too annoyed. :)

podso said...

We had this Saturday morning after a night of rain and ice. It was lovely and so still. The north side of town got way more and as a result, we had no school for the first two days of the week, which was hard to believe as our streets were bone dry.