Thursday, January 19, 2017

{talking to myself}

One thing I seriously need to change is feeling I need to entertain my mom. The girls and I have been putting together puzzles, thinking Mom would be able to participate, but they're too diffucult.  We're still learning how limited her brain really is.  After dinner last night I was working on the newest puzzle that's taking up room on the dinner table and all Mom could do was look at the pieces and frown over them. She plays at solitaire instead, cheats really well and does fine. But I tend to sit with her. I need to leave the room. She's here all the time. She doesn't need constant company, though that would definitely be her preference.

My personal preference is to be alone about 80% of the day. With limited touching unless you're my children or husband. Or a pug.

After her physical therapist left yesterday, I was left feeling slightly scolded. I told him we put her to bed on Tuesday as she was experiencing the TIA. She gradually felt better and slept. He said we shouldn't have allowed her to sleep, because she might not have woken up. Well, is that such a bad thing? Heaven?

I shake my head.

She's 88, has had 2 major strokes in the last 3 years and three TIAs in the last 4 months.  

She's ready to go, as is her 95 year old sister who drags oxygen around her house. They're like an old married couple, talking on the phone a few times a day, comparing health updates, and opinions on the aides who bathe them. 

Oldest daughter shared a story from a man she works with. He comes from a long-lived family. One relative is 103.

No thank you. That 3 score and ten the Bible talks about...what's up with that?

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Diane said...

Was thinking about this yesterday, as I need to make plans with my 91 year old aunt for lunch. Our bunch tend to live long - early nineties, and on their own, no less. Frankly, I don't want to live that long. I've no children/grandchildren/family holding me here. The Lord can take me whenever He wants - sooner rather than later is my preference.

Can't talk about this with the few close friends with whom I can discuss these things. They get teary, even though we're all believers and will spend eternity worshipping, laughing and enjoying God. When did it become a moral imperative to hange on, scratching and clawing for every day, no matter what your health or mental state? So much better to be with the Lord.