Tuesday, January 24, 2017


If I could be granted one wish today it would be that it would be sunny (done!) and 80 degrees. I would sit outside, facing the sun and burn this congestion out of me. Been coughing up a storm. But it won't, of course, get that warm. Sixties? That'll do nicely. Gorgeous day, especially sweet after all our rain.

Made some elderberry syrup yesterday. That stuff tastes so wonderful. We only take teaspoons at a time, but middle daughter said it'd be great over ice. She has the right idea.

About to get my mom up. She's on the phone now to her 95 year old sister, and she's stayed well. She never gets sick. Will keep her sequestered a couple of more days in the bedroom. It's kept her out of the thick of the germs. And my b/p has settled nicely. If I can walk through the house without continually having to deal with her, I consider that a blessing.

This Thursday it'll be a month since we fetched her from rehab. Oldest daughter reminded me of the dates. The past few weeks are a blur.

What's kept me sane the past week is the reminder that my husband and children come first. Not my mom. Seems I've needed to focus on that, otherwise my mom will control my actions.

For me it's maintenance. She's such an emotional drain, but she's clean, fed, warm...and her own emotional well-being isn't my immediate concern. She has her sister and friends' phonecalls for that.

It's called self-preservation.

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