Wednesday, February 15, 2017

{babies...a new theme}

Son and wife here for dinner last night. Joked about them coming for Valentine's, which we always make a fuss over, but this son doesn't. Has he not learned? You buy boxes of candy for everyone! His wife is cool, though. But still...

Talked about their baby. Names picked out. Wanted to know what we want to be called. Daughter in law said she hates daycare. Counting on us being able help. The girls squealed (in a quiet way). And as I said, they live in the neighborhood.

Madly tidied after they left last night. Adrenaline rush with excitement. She's going to the doctor with her mom this morning. Can't wait to hear.

Contrast to other daughter in law who is lying low til the first trimester is over. Not telling anyone.

Fearful of troubles, since her own health is precarious. Already taking a doctor prescribed medicine for nausea. Different bodies. Different methods.

Me...I'm the non-interfering MIL who has an easier time because it's not my own daughter. Can step aside a bit. Not quite as worrisome.

Feeling hugely blessed.


Diane said...

And what do you want to be called?

Does your mom understand at all about becoming a great-grandma?

Bonnie said...

Exciting times at your house! Happy Birthday too.

Aneta said...

Big changes coming! How sweet for you! It is different when it's not your own daughter, isn't it?

podso said...

Love that there are two to love.

Charm and Grace said...

Know you must be so excited about both impending blessings. Prayers for health and safety for both moms and babies. New life is glorious.