Friday, February 24, 2017

{friday night}

Spring cleaning with temperatures during the day in the seventies.  Bliss as far as I'm concerned.  The daffodils are up and the forsythia in the front yard is blooming.  Putting out green leaves, so the yellow is on its way out.  Supposed to be in the thirties in the evening for a couple of nights, though, but not enough to damage sprouts.  Still, winter's not over.  It'll sneak back in.  You watch.  I mean, it's February.

Had shared about my mom having dropping blood pressure and had a brainstorm the other day.  Turns out I increased her potassium with food she'll actually eat, and her b/p is back to normal, not scary low.  And with nagging, she's begun drinking more water.  We have to make her, though.  She's not a very willing patient.  Very stubborn, even if something helps.  If she doesn't want to, she doesn't.  Also, since my own b/p has been rising to a place I don't want it to go, have seen good results with hawthorn berry, garlic, cayenne and coq10.  I love that sometimes there are practical solutions that involve simple changes.  Sometimes it's not enough that the behavior changes, but a supplement makes the difference.  I had the same good results when my b/p went up during my pregnancies. 

Not much else going on.  Continue to adjust to my mom being here.  Putting my husband/children first.  Not allowing my mom to manipulate our time.  Hardest part is not treating her like a guest.  But her abilities are so limited.  She wants almost daily to cut up potatoes for dinner, even if we're not having them.  Not keen on giving her a sharp knife.  I think her brain says, it's time for dinner, peel potatoes.  Association, I guess.  She can fold small towels, but really is so limited on what she can do.  And she suddenly wants to learn to crochet.  But her hands don't work.  If I was a nicer person I'd sit and show her, but I just don't want to do it.  Yeah, I know.  I treat her like a boarder, but that keeps me at arms length.  I don't want to be cozy.  Her wants exceed her honest abilities.  She could've done these tasks, but even 3 years ago with her first stroke, she sat.  She continues to sit.  She talks big, but in reality is happy with doing nothing but reading Janette Oke, Joel Osteen and her letters.  Not much of a life, but when she was in her own house, she watched TV.  All the time. 

My girls say they don't want to get old.  Youngest son here says it as well.  Yeah, I get that.  At least, try to avoid strokes.  Keep your mind active, and blood pressure in check.  Having an interest that keeps your brain spinning in place is huge.  Huge.  Can't stress it enough.  Not using your thought processes, to my thinking, puts you at risk of losing it. 

That stuff about being deliberate and intentional makes such sense.  To have things to lose yourself in.  I'm finding that I'm attracted to and soothed by things that are complicated.  When I fix dinner, sometimes I make something with lots of steps because I can disappear into my head while I prepare it.  And no talking.  Just let me cook.

Going now.  Shopping for baby blanket yarn tomorrow.  Middle daughter says she'll crochet one blanket so I can do the other.  She's one of those folks who (I taught one stitch to her) can crochet complicated things just by studying the object.  A blanket will be a piece of cake for her.  Me, I've limited myself to dishrags.  Time to advance.

Take care and enjoy the day.

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podso said...

You could make a big dishrag. In all seriousness I have used a dishcloth pattern as the base and gone from there. Turned out well.