Tuesday, February 14, 2017

{on valentine's}

My oldest brother has a fire lit underneath him and is having a friend, who's an appraiser, look at our mom's house this morning. Funny thing...my mom is all over this. Telling anyone who calls her what she thinks the house could sell for. At least that seems to be a good sign.

Middle daughter and I have spent the last two nights over there, cleaning and tossing. Will give it a rest for a few days. Sort of emotionally stretched to the limit. It's my childhood home, and while none of us can afford to keep it (no regrets there), there are lots of sweet memories tied up in it.

I have to allow myself to process all of these changes. Can't stuff it. I'm thinking it's healthier for us in the long-run to deal with her house now, rather than after she's gone. Her health is sometimes precarious, and it seems her blood sugar strongly affects her behavior. Her mood can change on a dime, and her b/p can drop very quickly. I think her brain mechanics were so messed up with her aneurysm back in September that the least little thing can upset that brain chemistry.

But it's Valentine's! One of my favorites. And our 3rd son and his expectant wife, who actually only live about 3 blocks away, are coming over for dinner. They invited themselves, which I find adorable. The Lord is so generously healing our relationship with them. And, yes, we'll definitely be open for babysitting when the time comes.

Open Doors. Fresh, new life. Forgiveness. Beginnings. Second chances. All good.

Take care.

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Charm and Grace said...

Such a sweet, happy tone in this post. So glad you are finding joy...