Thursday, February 16, 2017

{what's knocking around in my head}

Got to put on my big boy pants today. Therapist day for my mom. Ugh. The bathing part is a plus all around, but the physical therapist is a tad overenthusiastic. But I like him as a person. (He says our house has good energy. Makes me laugh.) Will have to rein him in a bit. He pushes my mom to the point she gets near to fainting. On a related note: Can't seem to convince my mom of her desperate need to drink water and her physical self suffers for it. Can't do the therapy because her b/p nosedives. She just digs in her heels. Actually lies about the water and her tall cup tells the tale. Oh my.

And late yesterday, after a nap, she got to feeling better and began showering me with questions. What's her bank balance? What do I think of using her burial policy to pay on her mortgage? Do you want my Presto cooker? On and on she went. Talking without periods makes me a bit mental.
'Yes, your Social Security got deposited. Don't know about the insurance. Might need an official Will to do that. I think your pressure cooker needs a new gasket.'
Then she goes on in depth about stuff, like she's been wound up.

Stop. Just stop.

And when I get her up in the morning. My gracious. I'm basically silent when I wake up. She's rarin' to go. Yakyakyak.

I should be thankful when she's so chatty because it's a sign she's feeling good, but I'd rather just put her in her room and shut the door. That's what her cell phone is for. Talk away.

I have a life separate from her. I think. Actually, I'm going to tweak my crocheting skills this weekend and make a few dishclothes to prepare me for making two baby blankets.  I've done crochet in the past, but am way rusty.

Babies. A glorious distraction.


podso said...

I like your idea of practicing crocheting. Two to make! How fun!

Diane said...

I am fully, gloriously awake from early morning, but I do not want to talk to anyone until at least three to four hours after I wake up. Let me enjoy at least that much of the day, lol.

I have friends who chatter away like that. My ears start to bleed after a while. There's a theory in quiltmaking (and in painting, I think, too) that in any piece, you need a place to "rest" your eyes - someplace that is not all frenetic motion and color. I honestly believe the same is true in conversations - you need a little bit of silence to process, to sit with the information or question. A lot of people just don't get it.

Bonnie said...

Just smiling at your last sentence!

Charm and Grace said...

Had to LOL at "good energy" and the reign him in comment! I know I am among kindred spirits, as I too do not enjoy hearty conversation until I have been awake at least an hour and have infused my body with at least 10 oz. of good caffeine. Bless you with your mom.