Friday, March 10, 2017


Told my sweet husband last night that, here at home, Fridays are our Saturdays, at least for the kids and me. Oldest daughter and youngest son are always off from work, so we rest. Seems to restore all of us. Tomorrow will get busy again, or at least it seems Saturdays are bustling sorts of days. I don't have flowers to do for the altar, because the Anglican way is to not have flowers for Lent. And it's not my weekend for Altar Guild setup, so that's that.  Maybe tomorrow won't be busy afterall.

Beautiful sunny day. Breezy. Cooler. Refreshing. Chickens rejoicing as well, calling attention to themselves with extreme clucking till about an hour ago when the blue jays stirred up a ruckus. Oldest daughter went out to check and a hawk was in the tree beside the coop. Smart chickens had already high-tailed it underneath the coop. Sure did quiet them down. They're being very cautious now, pecking, but silent. Love those blue jays. The policemen of the bird world.

Rest of the day should be restful. Mom is doing fine. Says she wants to watch her sugar, meaning eat more of it. With the TIA on Wednesday, told her it was low blood sugar to keep her from fretting. Eating more is a good thing for her. She gobbled up her breakfast, asking for a Little Debbie to round things off. Had none in the house, but she ate a breakfast bar after yogurt. All good.  She's lost weight lately, so anything she'll eat is a plus.

Not obsessing over her is an adjustment for me. Liking it, but had already worn a groove in my brain to fret over her lack of movement, both physically and mentally. I can feel my old self surface a bit. When oldest daughter said she was afraid I was on the verge of exploding, this after my husband's epiphany, it was a wake up call for me for sure.

Enjoy your day.


Gloriade said...

Just checked in to see how you are doing and I am so glad to hear the lightness in your last couple of posts. Your husband sounds like a sweet and wise man who is helping you to release some of your anxiety about helping your mom. I am thinking of the Serenity Prayer as I think of you today and will continue to be in prayer as you work to keep some balance in your life. Blessings Melissa.

Come Away With Me said...

Hi Melissa - hopefully you are still enjoying some truly restful hours even on this Monday. May your husband's epiphany continue to bring a modicum of peace to your daily routine. One hour at a time . . .