Wednesday, March 8, 2017


Depending on who's talking we call it a tongue lashing or, better yet, a butt whuppin'.
Got reprimanded by a long-time Internet friend, scolding me for being harsh when speaking of my mom. 

My first line of defense in my head was...have you ever done what we're in the midst of? Do you have elderly, disabled relatives living with you? Do you struggle with depression? How's your extended support group, apart from your immediate family? Is there one? How's your mental health? Do you honestly believe that criticizing someone doing this is a help?

Nope, no angels in this house, but ordinary folks doing the Lord's business in a flawed way.
She's not reading this unless she just can't help herself. Doubt it.

Moving on.

I don't owe anyone an explanation of what my emotions are at any given time, or why I gripe so much. Truly, it's my blog and I can gripe to my heart's content. And I will say, I am content to gripe.

Youngest daughter, who turns 15 next month, had watched me emailing this friend over this nonsense, and asked me what was going on. I shared with her and she said, "Well, I guess she wouldn't take the legs then, huh?"

Inside joke here. If you commit a crime, you'll recognize a faithful friend or family member if they'll carry the legs of the victim to help you out.

Made me laugh. I want to be the friend who will take the legs. Absolutely.


Diane said...

I'll take the legs, and I'll bring a shovel, dear friend. Don't understand how people not only think they have all the answers for someone else, but that they have a right to scold them if they don't see their particular way.

podso said...

Can't believe your youngest is going to turn to 15 soon. I've "known you" a long time. I can always hope and pray that today is a better day for you. At least the sun is shining, here anyway.

Bonnie said...

You made me think of the scene in Downton Abbey ... hope you remember from the first season what Mary did. Hang in there. My mother-in-law is in a nursing home and hit the caregiver last week! Mean.

Charm and Grace said...

Of all the gifts my mother gave me in raising me, I think the most important was empathy. She always made sure that I knew it was important not to judge another person harshly, but rather did her best to help me to imagine how I would feel if I were in their circumstances. It has taken me a long way in this life. I would not presume to try to tell you how to behave in your current situation... nor would I want to be in it. God gives me enough grace for MY circumstances alone... not yours or anyone else's. And I am thankful that I don't have to decide what's right for you... have enough trouble discerning that for me and mine!