Wednesday, April 12, 2017


My husband is the caretaker at our church---keeps it tidy, cuts the grass, general handyman stuff, and this past weekend he put in 8 flats of begonias plus geraniums, allysum and rosemary. Remember Mr. Piggott in Miss Read books? That's my husband, with a much better personality.

He does all that besides running his own woodworking business. Never have understood where he gets all the energy. He seems to thrive on keeping busy, though. Me, I would wilt.

Anyway, he paid for all of the church plants---our tithe of sorts, and brought home to me 3 leftover geraniums, and 3 rosemary. Plus I have about 8-10 packets of seeds to plant. We've cleared out the path to the front of the house, the area on either side of the walkway leading to that door, because the blackeyed-Susans had overrun the beds. Starting from scratch, so to speak, with few plants remaining there that we originally put in.

All this because we're having a shipment of honeybees delivered next month. Must have a variety of flowers. Quite exciting.

He's built two hives, optimistic of finding a wild swarm to put in the second hive.
This is called sanity. Dig deep into tasks that take all your attention. Focus hard. Live life to its fullest, as best you can. Participate. Create.

Today I desperately need to feel settled. Spent too much of yesterday out of the house. Toting, delivering, eye appointment.  Today needs to be deeply domestic. Have had to keep the living room furniture in a certain way because of my mom's walker. Keep a path. Well, she doesn't want to walk through the house unless you make her, which seems a lost cause, so might rearrange today as well. She can squeeze through on her one trip a day (if that) to dinner.

I just need to love on my house.

Sounds like a plan.


Gloriade said...

Good Morning Melissa, So you are going to be a bee keeper. The sound of bees humming over flowers on a warm summer day is always so peaceful. And in time you will have your own honey. Blessings to you on this holiest of weeks.

Diane said...

So exciting about the bees! Not only do you get all that wonderful honey, you *have* to plant an assortment of pretty flowers and herbs to keep them happy - always a bonus!

I'm very much with you on needing time to feel settled. I haven't figured out yet whether I prefer running around to do multiple errands on a day, or just want to do one per day. When I try the running around, I find myself almost in tears with the desire to just *be home*; when I do just one a day, I find myself dreading the next day's chore. Can't win.

podso said...

I'm with you. Too much time away from home and I don't feel right. Your husband could be a character in a good story.