Friday, April 7, 2017


Hadn't meant to be absent here for so long. And while we had stomach issues recently, those were nothing to what hit us last weekend. Still have a sensitive inside. Avoiding fussy food. Seems it's going around too. Lots of folks involuntarily losing weight.

My mom caught a smidgen of it. Mostly she had a fever for an evening. No outward signs of the virus, if you catch my drift. Thankful for that, but she was so afraid of throwing up that she wouldn't drink water. Major dehydration after that. Never knew the dire side effects from dehydration. Very strange. She acted like she'd had another stroke. We rectified it by me having to make her angry. Threatening her with an ambulance ride. Stubborn woman.

All of us are on short fuses lately. Girls are stuffed into a 10x10 bedroom. Angels all of them, but there is nowhere to go. My mom has no idea of the song and dance that goes on with her here.
Plus we're in the midst of clearing out Mom's house in preparation of selling it, maybe in June.

Too. Much. To. Do.

Small bits of sanity are vital. Now am about to take the girls to a big thrift store. Retail therapy.
Never realized its benefits till lately.

Take care...and thanks for listening.

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podso said...

I came on to look for you to see how things are. A little progress with the house, thankful your mom did not get real sick but sorry it's all so hard. Hope there's beauty in your weekend--even outdoors. And I just remembered you don't get my comments. I'll email this. Hugs and prayers.