Saturday, April 8, 2017


Oldest daughter talked to me last night. Apparently the girls had been talking among themselves about me....said my mom consumes me. Yeah. They nailed that one.

She said I need to look away. Chill.

Funny, but my mom is content with sitting in her room doing the same task repeatedly. My mind feels guilt at this, but the fact remains, she's mentally not all there. She's not looking to do anything extra except for the occasional folding of a pile of dish towels. Nobody home, most days.

I feel determined to force water down her throat because even a few days of dehydration aren't enough to make her continue drinking. She can't remember the necessity of following through, and requires reminding, which is exhausting.

Look away.

It really is like having a recalcitrant child in the house. One you can't paddle!

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Cathy said...

Offer water or juice, or even Ensure at meals. That is sufficient, and after all the hours in the day are only so long!