Tuesday, May 16, 2017

{a slow day}

Just finished my tea. Tray set up each morning. Japanese teapot or small Brown Betty. China saucer and whichever cup/mug is a current favorite.  Silver spoon to eat with from my dear friend Tina. Small spoon to stir tea. Two napkins folded in triangles. Small dish for the tea strainer. Sweetener. Small pitcher filled with cream. Breakfast, which is either yogurt or oatmeal. Easy, all of it, but dressed up a bit.

I've done this for years. Lately in bed. The girls set up their own tea on the coffee table at about 8:30am, so I eat here, in bed.

The chicken coop/yard is just outside our bedroom window, so if it's cool outside (which it is this morning), I'll have the window up so I can hear their chickeny noises.

A bit of sanity.

I've found that rituals are central to my staying on an even keel. Take the same supplements/herbal concoctions each day at the same time, put up chickens at dusk, light a candle in the red votive holder on the stove each night, be methodical when I water (rarely) my succulents, etc.

I enjoy ticky little tasks. Domestic busyness.

That's one thing that's been hard about having my mom's aide/therapist/nurse in each week. Four visits total. Yesterday we had the drama of my husband setting up his bees. Good drama, but nonetheless a change in routine. Plus he's been working on his pick-up, which caught fire last week. Thankfully he's street smart, so knows how to fix stuff. It's fixed.  Anyway, his things to do at home, plus the aide and physical therapist. All this filled our morning. Monday morning. Too much. Migraine sneaking around my head.

Always a treat for my husband to be at home, but he had trouble doing the truck repair, so that was frustrating for him.

Today everyone has gone to work. Husband, youngest son, oldest daughter. I'm here with two youngest girls for the day. Told them if they got their schoolwork done this week, we could call the schoolyear finished. Great incentive. A week early.

Sometimes you just need a day thrown in with no drama. Honestly, after my mom's two day in a row TIAs last week...I told the girls it's like the witching hour, getting Mom up in the morning. Five TIAs since she's lived here. One at rehab in December. A continual threat looming. Talk about stress.

We're tired.

But today, so far, so good. Going to make my sweet friend, Diane's, tomato tart for dinner. Would link the recipe, but don't know how using Blogger's app here on my phone.  Love that tart, though.

Take care. Take some time. Stop the busyness when you can. My wisdom for the day.


Diane said...

Ask and you shall receive: http://quiltbabe8.blogspot.com/2015/06/what-tart.html

Funny you mention this. I was going through a cookbook I'd forgotten I have (that happens to me with books in general), and found about three more tomato-type recipes to try, all very easy. Most are variants on this one, some with day-old bread as a topping instead of having a crust, with or without cheese or other things. So looking forward to tomato season!

Your morning ritual sounds divine. Nice, gentle, ordered way to ease into the day.

melissa said...

You're one of my favorites. As always!

melissa said...

You're one of my favorites. As always!