Friday, May 5, 2017

{catch-up thoughts}

Ok. So it's not gotten any easier. Feel free to walk on to a more upbeat blog. It's fine.

My memory is sorta lame lately. Side affect, I'm sure of too-
much-on-my-mind. Hope I don't witness a crime, because I'd be of no good to the detectives.

But here's a funny thing. I went to the eye doctor yesterday for a follow up with my new contacts prescription and got so absorbed in the visit, I had to shake myself as I left. Totally put things at home out of my mind. So refreshing. The doctor is refitting me with distance contact with dominant eye and with the weaker eye being near vision. He's ordered the new trials and we talked quite a bit about it as he tweaked my prescription. Getting totally into a task is key to my sanity, it seems.

Moving on.

Seems Mom is having circulation issues, mainly in her right lower leg and foot. Toes turning purple just a teensy bit. Her home care nurse wants to make an appointment for her to go to her doctor, but I asked her to hold off a week. Majorly hard to get her out of the house, down porch steps, into truck, out of truck...blahblahblah. Causes back issues for all of us managing to maneuver her. Not kidding. Not to take it lightly on her toes, but her aide said it's been that way awhile. And no, I don't look closely at her feet daily.

Windy here today and yesterday. Darn windy. Supposed to slack off tonight. Can't come soon enough. Makes me nervous. Seventy year old Oak in the backyard. 'Nuf said.

Almost done with the emotional cleaning out of my mom's house. Dishes without sentimental value and tons of clothes left. Some other stuff, furniture too, but heavy thinking things in new homes or claimed and soon to be picked up. That's a relief. After working there, I walk like a zombie. Hunched over, hands hanging down to my knees. As my husband's a whole lifetime of goods to deal with.

But on the good side...I'm growing such a nice assortment of succulents in my bedroom window. Little babies. Make me think of little puppies. Don't ask me why. And they require, like, no care, so for me, it's a win-win.

And finished planting 16 packets of flower seeds, some of which are coming up. Honey bees being shipped here next week. Glad that's my husband's responsibility.  Scares me to think of tending to them. Nothing to do with possible stings, but just an awesome bunch of little lives to nurture. Sorta booked with taking care of things with beating hearts.

So. Flowers and the altar to set up tomorrow. Groceries bought for the weekend. Books to read. Three 6-packs of bedding plants. Red begonias, marigolds and ageratum. Weeding to do. Quiet home work. Yes.


Diane said...

Listening to friends' tales of clearing out houses of parents and friends' parents, I've determined I need to declutter seriously now, lol. After all, I have no kids to do it when I'm gone. A friend is executor of what "estate" I have, and she is wonderful at sorting and purging. Any left over funds go to Compassion International, anyway.

Flowers and bees sound so lovely! And just think of the wonderful honey for tea, for baking and cooking with... makes me smile to think of it. Imagine sitting in the yard, petting a chicken while listening to that industrious humming - sounds like bliss, and a great way for you to catch some "me" time each day.

podso said...

You are caring for your mom and cleaning out her house--that's huge. I'm glad the house is about finished. I can totally understand the refreshment of being on another subject with the eye doctor. And your flowers. May they bloom plentifully. We certainly do follow your weather pattern. Lots of wind here too, but gone now.

Cathy said...

Love your good side comments! Isn't it such a comfort to tune our hearts to gardens involving succulents, bedding plants.. and bees? Oh, so glad you are getting into bees.

You are doing great Melissa...and do not let anyone tell you are not a good daughter. I admire you!

Blessings this Mother's Day weekend.