Wednesday, May 10, 2017

{daily things}

Here's what I'm thinking. What seems to work, in regards to taking care of/managing my mother, is to chill out. And I mean Big Time. And this has been a hard lesson to learn. Don't panic. Every little situation doesn't demand action or a doctor or even medication. Channeling the olden days. Let life happen.

Her therapist/aide/nurse are hyper-vigilant, perhaps because of feeling responsible. Like we'll blame them if things aren't addressed. Well, no. Pretty laid-back here.

My mom is 88. There's only so much fixing you can do. More of a maintenance plan. Now her blood sugar is running a tad high. Up and down we go. Really, didn't have a weekly nurse for over 3 months, and we did fine. Might've had high blood sugar then, but didn't know.


Now every week her finger is pricked. My mom sort of likes having things go wrong, so doesn't need more ammunition, if you know what I mean. And no, not a need for insulin. Exercise, now that would help.

Moving on.

Seedlings coming up, but not as many as I figured, considering how much we put out.

Along the same line...We're literally covered up with baby birds...Mockingbirds, the ever-present Sparrows who are all over the place, and a beautiful Brown Thrasher. The Thrasher family have 5 eggs hatching right behind the beehive (vacant till next week), in the Forsythia. Oh my goodness.

Suspecting the birds have scavenged some of our seed.

They've located the chicken feed feeder as well. Lots more gone at the end of the day compared to usual, with just 3 chickens. Happy to share. I love mornings now with the birds lying in wait for us to set out the feed. It stays in a big aluminum garbage can overnight, away from varmints. But the birds know our habits. I just love feeding them. A wonderful way to start the day.

Saw a video this afternoon of wee Hazel Grace, grandbaby due with son and his wife, who live just a few blocks away. Son says she moves like a rock star. Very busy little one. Seventeen weeks, I think.

Keeping me sane.


Gloriade said...

It sounds like your are working on embracing all the good things. Enjoy all the baby birds. We haven't seen any of the jays this year since we cut down the trees. No place for them to next anymore. Hopefully some bird feeders will encourage them to return some day.

Cathy said...

First grand baby? Joy!