Monday, May 15, 2017

{monday morning}

My husband's bees arrived. He got a call from the post office first thing this morning, and he just got back home with them. Not sure how many bees are in the container, but how they're shipped wasn't what I expected.

They came in a three-sided wooden crate, with screen on two sides. The bees are all gobbled in a swarm, just calmly huddled together. Buzzing gently. The container is probably about the size of a shoebox you'd get a pair of boots in. Now my husband is mixing together sugar water to spray them with.

Made me cry when I saw them. So relieved they got here safely. Shoot. Everything makes me cry anymore.

Quiet day (well, except for the buzzing, ha!) with putting out the rest of my bedding plants.

Yesterday at church was fine and sweet, though tired us all out. Everyone was attentive to my mom. My oldest brother came by to see her and my other brother was in touch. And all my boys who live away either called or texted me. All is well.

Aide due soon to bathe Mom and her PT later this afternoon.

Just today. That's all.


Gloriade said...

Hello Melissa, I have been caring for my mother in her home after a surgery a few days ago. Taking care of all her personal needs, cooking and cleaning for her has definitely made me even more aware of how much your life has changed. My role as caregiver will end in a few weeks which is much different than your situation. You are an amazing blessing for your mom. So, it definitely sounds like you are becoming true urban farmers. First chickens and now bees. Sounds like fun. I hope it brings a calm balance into your life.

melissa said...

That you understand me is HUGE. Huge.