Friday, May 26, 2017

{saturday afternoon}

Library book sale. End-of-the-month, not much moolah to stretch, but bought a few. The top winners are Robert Farrat Capon's The Supper of the Lamb, a surefire kitchen classic. Have read the library copy several times, and this must've been a personal copy, because it's like brand new. Dated 1989. Pristine.

Same for a smalltown cookbook from New Bern, NC, where we briefly lived along with a brother-in-law and wife and my inlaws. My mother
-in-law gave me a cookbook 30+ years ago that was compiled from the ladies at Christ Church there. My inlaws aren't Episcopalian, so must've just been popular in town. Church cookbook sale. Anyway, we'd so used that original copy that the plastic binding had allowed so many pages to escape. Got all crunchy. My old copy had a plastic cover too, which had melted in some mishap. Eyeroll.  Found the same cookbook but in hardcover with the same plastic binding. Over 30 years old too, but like new. What is wrong with people?

Got a couple more things, but these were the prize. I can't help but feel the Lord had a hand in me finding these books. I mean, really, me in Tennessee and getting to replace a 30 year old church cookbook from another state? Too odd. But I'll take it.

Now, the day's winding down. Sausage, biscuits and our chickens' eggs for dinner. Thinking BBQ, slaw, baked beans and corn on the cob for dinner on Monday. Easy and fun to prepare.

Tomorrow getting church flowers done and some light grocery shopping. Sunday a reception two of my girls have set up for middle daughter's high school graduation. They decorated the downstairs Fellowship Hall at church and bought cake and pizza.

Busy here, no doubt about it.

Need me some chill time.


Diane said...

The weather says 69 and chance of rain for Monday, but I still hope to have the grill set up (and the patio cleaned) by then. I've a package of Italian sausage in the freezer...I'd like to make some brioche buns, and homemade tomato sauce to go on them as well. I'm never good at sides - didn't think to get corn when I was at the store today, and funds are tight until payday Wednesday. Probably frozen corn, or green beans. I've a ton of apples (long story), so maybe a rustic apple pie.

Rustic....fancy name for lazy. You roll the crust out in more or less a circle, then dump the apples in the center of it (sugar, raisins, know the drill), leaving a 3" margin. Then you sort of fold that margin over, mostly to contain the juices, lol. Much less work than a two crust pie, almost as easy as a crumble.

Bonnie said...

Great books into your hands...