Tuesday, May 30, 2017

{sometimes you got to let things go}

The city is recovering, albeit slowly, from a storm that blew through here Saturday night, about eleven. Had at first heard that the winds were clocked at 65-75 mph, but one of the weathermen last night said some were up to 100. Good grief.

All I know is I've never experienced such wind. Strange storm. We'd hung out clothes at about 10 (heating element busted in dryer) and the clouds weren't moving our way. I checked online at about 10:45pm, seemed we might just get the edge of it, if that, and I went to take a shower. Got out about 10 minutes later and the wind kicked up. Started praying because we have this huge 70 year old oak in our backyard. That tree was twirling. After 20 minutes everything began to settle. Left with green lightning and reddish clouds. Supposedly no tornado.

Power went out then came back on for us 5am Monday. Husband, inspired by neighbor who has run 2 extension cords to folks still without power, offered to run a cord to some folks two doors down. Another neighbor offered a second cord so it would reach. I love it.

Trees down, traffic redirected here and there, accidents galore because folks can't remember to drive through a busted intersection as a 4 way stop. Zoom zoom.

Yesterday morning third son and his wife, who live in the neighborhood, brought us a copy of Hazel Grace's latest ultrasound. Five months along. Sweet little round head. Can't wait to meet her.
Then the PT called, asked to come. Okay. Then fourth son called. Ready to fetch a chair from my mom's house. Amazing what you can fit inside the back of a Mini. Picked me up, got the chair and we took it to his house. His boyfriend (they live together) was there, hadn't ever met him. Awkward yes, but we hugged. Sweetest guy you'd ever want to meet. Gay pride flag hanging in their kitchen.
Bottom line. Like it or not, you gotta love people.

End of story.


netablogs said...

Glad you were safe despite the crazy windstorm! We've had some high winds here too,lately. And I totally agree with your comment on loving people being so important... love is powerful but certainly not always easy. Hugs to you!

Gloriade said...

You seem to be working through some things with your boys. God uses so many things for his purposes that we may never completely understand in life. So excited for you as you wait in anticipation of your first grand baby. We are enjoying our first so much.

podso said...

Glad you were all safe in the storm. Reminds me of Hugo with the neighbor offering a cord.