Sunday, May 7, 2017

{sunday night}

Already had a call after dinner from Mom's PT. Here we go. She'll come about 4 tomorrow, in between Mom's aide to bathe her and school with the girls and fetching youngest son at work. Whoosh.


I took my time cleaning the kitchen tonight. Had breakfast for dinner, mainly because the cupboards are bare. We take turns cleaning up, and middle daughter had tidied the house after Sunday naps, so I wanted to show respect for her hard work. Wiped down the counters with some 4 Thieves oil I'd mixed and set a dish of ammonia inside the oven. New oven! There are a couple of stains in it, and won't abide them setting.


You know that anxiety you feel when you have overnight guests and the house feels disjointed? You can't let your hair down, be as loud as you'd ordinarily be, and it's difficult to be yourself? Well, that's how I've felt since Christmas week when my mom moved in. My house isn't a refuge anymore, and that's hard.

And I'm sure my mom feels likewise, but as a guest.  In some ways it's a blessing that the strokes have addled her mind. She's not as adept mentally as in the old days. Maybe that's good. Hard to say.

Maybe she needs a blog.

She asked me to get some fabric so she can make blankets for the new grandbabies coming (two girls!), and curious how she'll manage a needle. Thinking fleece so it won't unravel. Big needle and yarn or embroidery floss. She said she wants to do a blanket stitch. At least she can give it a shot. I hope she really can do it, but am skeptical.

Think I'll garden this week, buy some groceries, bake something delicious. Unwind in between stuff. Thankfully with the aide and PT coming tomorrow we get Tuesday free. Love free days. Strangers in the house....not my thing. 

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