Thursday, May 25, 2017

{thursday night}

Still here.

Had a visit from Mom's lead PT this morning, and he said she'd be released from physical therapy after 4 more visits/one per week.  I immediately asked if her aide who bathes her would be dismissed as well, and he laughed, said no.  I told him I didn't mean to jump, but that's so important.  He gets it.  Sweet guy.

Tonight at dinner, the three dogs were sitting on the floor around my mom, hoping she'd drop something.  I set her pills on her tray, which has an edge all around it so stuff doesn't fall off.  She takes 6 and had gotten them all down but one and then the last pill dropped out of her mouth and hit the floor.  I got up instantly and shooed the dogs into the kitchen and shut the door.  It took, what seemed, forever to find that pill, which had bounced under her chair.  It was one of those situations where you feel if one more thing happens, you'll totally lose it.  The small things are hardest.  Nothing huge ever happens here, even Mom's TIAs are minor in comparison to lots of things.  But they pile up.  I have a dread for her to drop a pill and a dog quickly to snap it up.  I always watch her take them, on edge, just waiting. 

Gardening every night.  I was given so many bedding plants for Mother's Day, and am still planting.  I get tired out pretty quickly, so am hammering them out bit at at time.  The seeds we broadcast have gone crazy as well.  I told my husband tonight that the yard is going to look like an old grandmother's garden.  No rhyme or reason, but a hodge podge of every flower known to man.  Not sure it'll be orderly, but the goal is to have lots of flowers for the bees. 

Speaking of bees.  Our hive LIVES!  Thriving, as a matter of fact.  Making comb.  Coming back after flower tasting with heavy bits of pollen on them.  If you get close to the hive you can smell the slightest hint of sweetness.  And you know what my very favorite thing is now?  To put my head against the top of the hive and listen.  The most beautiful buzzing all the time inside the hive, but not all the same note.  Angelic.  And we can be near the hive, moving slowly and quietly and just watch the bees go in and out.  But the buzzing sound inside is the best. 

Those bees bless me.  Help me keep perspective.  Every night lately I'll garden for a bit, until I give up and get tired, then will put up the chickens after I cuddle them.  Then will go back out front to water what I've put out, and watch my main squeeze sit with the bees.  Then I'll go listen to them.  They quieten down at night, but seem to work all the time.  It's dark in the hive. 

Perspective seems to be the great leveler. 

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Gloriade said...

I love that you have bees. The sound of buzzing on a quiet afternoon is so soothing.