Friday, May 19, 2017

{week's end}

Planning a graduation dinner celebration here tomorrow night. Middle daughter graduates from high school, and her next oldest brother, who graduated 2 years ago, wanted to pause his own dinner so they could do it together. Don't ask me why. Sort of sweet.

Shopping for that later. Spanakopita with chicken, salad and a Crock-Pot cherry dessert. Yum.

Feeling a bit overdone. Nothing new. My mom's health situation from last week is still an issue. Giving her laxatives, applesauce, apple juice, oatmeal and salad don't seem to kick in for her insides to behave. Pinto beans for dinner. Gracious. Hope we don't have a repeat of last week. As it is, the stress of her living here is addling my brain. My memory is suffering from the constancy of her care, and I forget stuff all the time.  And I repeat myself.

Remember what I said. I don't recommend this. And extended family members, while loving, can't understand the magnitude of the sacrifice. They might be verbally full of praise, but as far as real practical help...well, no.

This past week I hit my saturation point. But I've been nice. No yelling on my part.

She sits. Only exercises, drinks water, or moves around if prompted. Sits and re-reads her mail she has folded up all weird in the bag on her walker. She can't even fold her mail back the way it came. Files her nails. Repeatedly. I put a pile of clean clothes on her bed to fold yesterday, feeling optimistic of her doing them. Her idea of folding is to take a shirt, hold it lengthwise at the top, like you're holding it at the collar,  and laying it down. Voila. Folded.  Huh. That doesn't help. Keeps her busy, yes, but doesn't help.  Yeah, some ventrical dementia (caused by her strokes) plays a part. Blessings on those dealing with Alzheimer's, which she doesn't have. 

We have a silent agreement here. Some days we allow one person to have either no or limited contact with my mom. A mini break. Maybe today is my day! I had my last eye appointment this morning and the girls got her up. Let's just say, I'm hopeful.

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