Thursday, June 15, 2017

{busy work}

Dinner out last night. Red Robinyum. A spur of the moment invitation from my main squeeze. Not crowded, and tends to be the case mid-week. Fast-talking waitress, though. It was comical. She'd tell us something and we would just stare, hesitate and then say 'scuse me? The words just flew out of her mouth. She asked my husband something about what she
brought him.....long pause while he digests what she's said, trying to not have her repeat herself AGAIN, and finally responds to her question. It's like she had no spaces between her words. Onelongquickphrase. Out the words flew, then she'd stand there looking brightly at each of us, back and forth, while we felt as if we were being spoken to in something other than English.  Amazing.

I think dinner was my reward for fixing the dryer, so he didn't have to. Heating element has been out a few weeks. Ordered the part Monday, came Fedex yesterday, put it in and voila. Toughest part was putting the back on the dryer right way, lining up screws. Thankful though. I like line-drying clothes, but we've had lots of rain showers pop up, so running out to get partially dry clothes gets old.

And spreading mulch. He brought me a cubic yard of the stuff in his pickup, but it's taking forever. Hot as all get out in the afternoons, so I was out there this morning before 7, filling up my little red wagon. The flowers are coming up beautifully, lots from seed, and to avoid daily watering, the mulch helps. We now have Cosmos, California Puppies and some odd little bright flowers coming up.  Other things too. All for the bees. The bags of meadow mix from Home Depot really work!

Today plan on spreading the rest of the mulch. Rearranging the dining room, maybe. Generally my plate is overfull, so might postpone that till tomorrow. More rain coming, so we'll see.

Keeping busy so I don't go nuts!


Gloriade said...

What a sweet hubby, giving you a chance to get out of the house and have a some fun. Good for you! And God bless Him.

Aneta said...

Would love to see a pic of your flower garden! My flowers are doing pretty well this year, since I added some Nature's Gold and other garden soil to my beds. The verdict is still out whether I'll have a more successful vegetable garden because of that. Seems the carrots have decided not to show up.. too much watering/rain maybe...
We have Red Robin here, too. :) They make good burgers!