Tuesday, June 27, 2017

{just checking in...}

Considering deleting old posts here, but am just thinking about it.  A clean slate is a good thing, but re-visiting thoughts can be beneficial as well.

My issue is just finding a quiet place in my head.  Typing is much quicker than jotting things down in my journal, so this has been my ultra-purge place.  I share things many folks would avoid sharing, but it's my way.  Need a safe place.

Had an issue with the home health folks yesterday.  Well, not a direct issue, but something that spilled over.  Our nurse has been at odds with them for awhile, and yesterday they accused her of trying to scam them, saying she was in school in the afternoons when she wasn't and was trying to make time show on the records with patients when she was actually in class.  I have no idea what she does when she leaves here.  So the office at home health called the nurse's patients, asking when she comes.  My mom answered when they called here, I was busy, but with her addled mind, she said she didn't know when she came.  I called them back, and the aide was here at the time so she supported me doing that.  Told them she always got here before noon, which is true, and we figured that would prove she never said she was here in the afternoons (when she's in class).  Okay fine. 

Aide called me later yesterday afternoon.  Said because I told them the nurse came in the mornings that she got fired.  What?  Apparently in her paperwork, one day she said she was here at 12:20.  Again, I have no idea.  As far as I can remember, she's always gets here about 11:30am.  Very little variation. Has always puzzled me because she says her class starts at noon.  She spends about 30 minutes with Mom, so how can she get from here to there that quickly?  Again, no idea.  So the nurse asked the aide to ask me (I know, right?) to pretend I found a sheet of paper with times on it, and that it showed 12:20 on it.  Asking me to lie.  I just couldn't believe it when she told me that.  They hinged their final argument against the nurse with what I said.  Talk about being uncomfortable.

Bottom line. Won't lie. Secondly, the nurse is going to take the home health agency to court.  If I did produce a phantom piece of paper, I could be called on to testify on her behalf.  Jumping the gun, but really...asking me to tell a falsehood.  I got better things to do.

And with the aide calling me, trying to get me to participate, well, puts me off.  Considering cutting our ties with this home health agency and finding someone else.  This group was set up by the rehab Mom was in, or Medicare/Medicaid.  Sure would be nice to get out from under their politics. 

My life revolves around my Mom, true story.  Hard for it not to.  Since her 45 minute mini-stroke 2 weeks ago, she's more forgetful.  Her best friend called yesterday, but Mom missed the call.  Told her who'd called and she says, "Who?  I don't know anyone by the name of Doris."  She just screwed up her face and shook her head.  After a minute, when I'd told her the last name, she came around.  "Oh yes, I know who that is."  Oh dear.  Her short-term memory is toast.  She has to be told to wash her hands before dinner, brush her teeth after dinner, walk from her room to the kitchen to put dishes in the sink, reminded to walk period.  Nudged to drink her water.  Makes me nuts. 

Come July 1st am going to make a spot here on the dining room table to begin my herbalist studies again.  Get my head in a pretty place.  I'm getting more forgetful, so wrapped up in Mom's care, and I need an outlet.  Re-focus. 

Thanks for reading.  Praying.  Just being around.  Simply existing in our house is so draining.  Got to think on other stuff. 

Take care.


Charm and Grace said...

You have been on my mind while away from the computer. I am sorry things haven't changed all that much in these past few weeks. Crazy thing with the home health... am sorry to hear of your mother's stroke making a hard time even worse. You are in my prayers.

Diane said...

Praying, reading, at a loss how to comfort you. I do know, though, that you cannot get caught up in the drama with the home health agency. Tell them the truth of what you remember, and if they ask for anything different, they can take a hike.

Restarting your herbalist studies sounds like a wonderful thing. You need to take care of yourself in order to care for anyone else - sounds so right, but is so hard to do when the demands are constant. Does the agency (or another one, lol) offer respite care? Just a day, so the entire family can go out together, play somewhere or just sit in a park, with someone else taking the care duties?