Monday, June 12, 2017


Been awhile. Since our household revolves around my mom, I'll start there. 

We got her to sit out on the front porch yesterday afternoon, nice hot day, and my husband spent a bit of time with her. Then he came inside to rest. She was fine. We'd peek out at her from time to time. No problems. After she'd been out there about an hour, I went to see if she was ready to come in. She actually hates being outside. I think she feels vulnerable, but it always does her good.

No response. Full blown episode. The nurses and I believe them to be mini strokes/TIAs, though nobody has witnessed them but us since she's lived with us. When she's been to the ER for them, they've called them fainting spells or dementia. Mini strokes don't leave a trail, so can't prove they happened. Least that's our experience with the medical community.

So Mom was in la-la land for about 45 minutes, then we muscled her into her wheelchair and got her to bed. She came around when she was back inside.

Can I say that this is incredibly stressful? She seems back to normal today, but we all look haunted. Each time you think this is the big one. Nope. Hang on. It's coming.

That's all. Hanging by a thread. Imagine each morning walking in her room, wondering if she's survived the night. My husband says you can't live that way. He's not one of the ones who gets her up though.


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Gloriade said...

Oh Melissa, That has to be so hard! I wonder if you could video your mom with your phone when this happens and show it to her doctor? Not that it's probably going to make much difference from the sound of things. Such a helpless feeling. You know I'm praying for you and your family. Take Care