Sunday, July 16, 2017

{sunday evening}

Stayed home from church this morning.  Mom had another headache when she woke up, so she stayed in bed---not unusual when we're all gone on Sunday morning, though.  Says she feels safer there.  No matter, she was all comfy and I was able to putter around.  Just needed to have time to myself.  Very healing, even in short spurts. Talked to myself, and to God.  Just nattered on.

After morning tea I ground up some Myrrh resin to make a scented oil.  Had priced Myrrh oil, all by itself without a carrier oil, and it's pricey.  Figured with the Sweet Almond Oil I already had, I could make my own.  Used a small glass milk bottle, and put in a couple of tablespoons of the ground resin with about 1/3 cup of oil using a double boiler method.  Took forever for it to dissolve over a low heat.  Well, mostly dissolve.  Still had some sticky bits.  Strained and bottled it up.  It's not very richly scented, but I'm happy nonetheless.  Also put some fresh coffee grounds in a small pimento jar and covered the grounds with the oil, then capped it.  Set it in the eastern-facing kitchen window.  After I strain it in a few days, will put it in a dropper bottle.  Supposed to be good for under eye dark circles (guilty here), especially if you apply it before bed. 

Tomorrow will go the hippie store for Kava Kava root.  Let me tell's the best thing I've used yet for anxiety.  I get this panicky feeling mostly in the afternoons, and I tend to drink a Yogi tea for stress with Kava Kava in it.  Excellent stuff, but I want to make something from scratch, maybe a few tinctures.  I'll use the Kava Kava, some Passion Flower and maybe some Hops---all things I already have.  Recently bought some Blackberry Brandy and Spiced Rum, so am all set.  My happy place.  Have to find my own space of sanity here.

Thanks for your prayers.  Yes, I feel them.  Makes all the difference, finding that sweetness inside.

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netablogs said...

I admire your creativity in making your own tinctures, etc. I'm sure it's very satisfying for you. I have made several batches of kombucha this summer and was very pleased with my last tasty! Hope you are feeling relief in the stress department.