Tuesday, July 18, 2017

{thankful for quiet days}

Slept well. Many days I wander around sleep deprived. Messes with my head. Wake up at a disadvantage.

Last night sat outside in the dark after my shower, combed out my rat's nest of hair and drank some Kava Stress Yogi tea.  Love that stuff. If I drink a cup in the afternoon it settles my nerves, not making me sleepy, but if I drink it at night, it helps me sleep. A cunnundrum for sure. Topped it off later with 6 mgs. of melatonin, so maybe that was the kicker. No matter. Read a bit and conk, I was out.

Nothing pressing today. Just picking up youngest son at work and figuring out dinner. Didn't make it to the hippie store yesterday. Might do.

Mom woke up for the third day yesterday morning with a headache. She stayed in bed, took an ibuprophen, which didn't help, lay there a couple of hours with her face covered by her hand. Finally she comes up for air and I have a brainstorm. Mom, have you been drinking your water? Man, I should become detective. Problem solved. After drinking down 1/2 a glass of ice water, grudgingly but thankful at the same time, her head was better. Why is it so hard for the elderly to drink water? I adore it. All she can think of is the inevitable toilet trip.

Oh my. Like pulling teeth every dang day.

Must get moving now. Put in a load. Water flowers on the porch. Sit with the pugs. (They require lap-sitting time in the mornings.)  Decide which fabric to make a skirt out of first, with two to choose from. Bought a beautiful discounted blue floral cotton the other day, intending it for curtains, and my husband says, 'No. It needs to be a skirt!' So be it!

That's my day. As long as my mom behaves and stays in her room, I'm good. Will air her out on the front porch later!

Take care.

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