Thursday, August 31, 2017

{broken record}

Busy day in my head. Harvey is expected to blow through today. Raining a bit off and on, but nothing of consequence so far. Actually it's cool and pleasant outside now. Sort of wonderful. My husband mended some places around the house and on the roof that take on water, so now we just wait. Maybe the wind will be minimal. Where we live, this neighborhood doesn't flood, so should be fine.  Knock on wood.

Nursing home visit okay yesterday, including orientation, but did discover my mom's Medicaid, had indeed, been canceled in May. Wondering with my reading online if she got cut with the healthcare fiasco that's been taking place. All I know is she never received a letter of warning. As such, her stay at this nursing home will be brief. It's up to my brothers to save the situation, and find another place. This weekend I'm walking away from it. Emailed them to give me a break. There IS an answer.

Must remember that the Lord has this figured out already. Trust Him.

When Mom had her first stroke 4 years ago, she had 3 months of rehab in a nursing home setting, then was able to live alone, with help from us. She canceled her home healthcare visits because she got tired of them. No therapy after a few weeks and she took to just sitting and watching TV. No movement. By the time the second stroke hit, she had become so sedentary and dependent on her walker, there wasn't going to be any  improvement. Many mini-strokes later, and here we are. My husband says my mom partly has herself to blame for the state she's in.

I talked to way too many folks yesterday, both in person and on the phone, regarding her care. My nerves were a tad shattered by the time we'd fetched son from work. 

What's so frustrating is that when we delivered her to the nursing home on Monday, I thought that was her forever home, not knowing of the Medicaid problem. Mentally washing my hands. Thinking ahead. Relief. Mom not being the centerpiece if my life. What a refreshing idea. But doggone it, she keeps forcing her way in.

Walking away. Least for now.

Labor Day weekend. Going to focus on that. I seem to remember that I have a life to live. Hospital bed getting picked up today, a house suffering neglect, a daughter to take to work and son to pick up. Soon these kids will drive themselves, but for now, in my house, all is well.

Window up here by the bed. With it so nice, though cloudy outside, you'd never know they were predicting from 3-8" of rain today. These days make me wish we had a fireplace.

Just today. I'll do that. And maybe turn off my phone volume.

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Charm and Grace said...

Bless you... I was so encouraged to hear that your mom was getting out to a place that would be better for you all and her. Pray that will still be the case and that the "red tape" will dissipate for you. Let your brothers worry about how that happens. Praying for you with all the situations (shower, new grandbaby, etc.) Rest. And trust. Not always the easy thing, but always the best thing.