Friday, August 18, 2017

{friday morn}

Fridays are often our slow days. Most times the kids' work schedules lighten up and even as I type, the house still sleeps. Youngest son is gone, though, and shopping with 4th son, who's off as well. That son is taking a long weekend, planning on driving to Nashville on Monday to view the full eclipse. Here I've heard it'll be at 94%, could that be right?...that's plenty for me.

There's been a truck pulling a trailer in the parking lot of our grocery store. It's packed full with cardboard boxes of eclipse glasses. Haven't bought any, and not sure I want stare at the sun anyhow. Told the kids I'm more into the atmosphere, curious how the light will look. If the chickens will roost. You know. They roll their eyes at me, smiling. There goes Mom again, they say.

I remember a partial eclipse when the kids were small. Not sure we were even prepared for it. All of a sudden, the light, while still sunny, was filtered-looking. And all the shadows on the ground were crescent-shaped. Then it was gone.

Well, time's up. Today taking middle daughter to a bookstore opening, before I take her to work. Clean out the back of my truck of stuff from my mom's. Wash and vacuum it. Unless the heat says otherwise.

Saw Mom was already up and waiting in her chair for her breakfast when I got up. Thought I'd fortify myself before having to deal with her theatrics. Like taking oxygen first before the baby in an airplane crash scenario. My heart pounds now in negative anticipation of taking her her coffee. Not the best way to start the day, but better me than my girls, who she picks on.

The other morning one of my girls helped her undress after an exceptional night of bedwetting. While this daughter cleaned the mess, no thanks from Mom, my mother makes a negative comment about one of my other children. This daughter tells her she's just plain mean. My mom laughs and says she sounds just like her father, which our daughter defends strongly.  No cozy cookie making memories for my children. No sirree.

Take the high road. That's the only way. God is still on His throne. But I still have to get up and take her breakfast. As my kids say, it's 11:11, make a wish.

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baili said...

I remeber i saw a full eclipse once in my childhood and still have that adventurous thrill when i imagine it.

we had partial here few days back but did not see as it was late night and we had to sleep at proper time as my boys (11) (15) goes to school and we had to wake up fresh and attentive.

i loved sun and stared at it when i was kid ,this hurt my eyes even i mean eyesight.

my mom passed few years back and same year my father did.
i still feel their absence in my life so badly but i pray to dear God that may he call me up there before i become as dependant and weak and be unable to look after myself as i don't have daughters only three boys so i always be ready for death with serenity and respect